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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Saturday Celebration: St. Valentine’s Day Is a new favorite haunt of mine. Today they are celebrating Valentines Day and asking everyone to share a poem... We hope to see you joining in too..... OURS IS ...


I didn't have much left
as far as I could see,
the roads I had traveled
had left me so weary,
but the good Lord wasn't
quite done with me just yet,
that is why He brought you
into my life, I bet.

Side by side as we worked,
you showed me a new trade,
and together we found
a new friendship was made.
It didn't take very long
till your kiss did ignite,
while each day we could feel
that our hearts did unite.

We made it official,
we took that sacred vow,
I can hardly believe
that five years have gone now.
When I wake to your kiss
each and every day,
I have to thank the Lord
that He showed me the way.

It's the way you do things
most men would never do,
the way that you always
say you love me too,
the way that you never
have a bad thing to say,
the way that you always
do your work every day.

It's the way that your snore
(wakes me up in the night,)
The way you'll roll over,
stop snoring, hold me tight,
It's your touch, your laughter,
and the tears you cry too,
It's the sweet way you love
that paved the way to you.

Today's Prompt is BOOK OF LOVE

Today is Chapter seven in the book of love.
Here is how it goes...

Chapters                         Forms of poetry
1) Parents                     1) Tanka
2) Siblings                    2) 15 words or less
3) Spouse                     3) Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children                    4) Acrostic
5) Friends                     5) Flash 55
6) Pets                          6) English Sonnet
7) Self                           7) Free Verse

The rules are ...
Once you use a form you can not use it again, we are looking to have all seven forms used in the book.
Once you use a chapter you can not use it again, all the chapters must be used.
You may use any form with any chapter as long as you do not repeat them.
Bandit and I are doing ours in the order given for both the chapters and the form.
So our book of love looks like this

1) Parents   A Tanka poem
2) Siblings  15 words or less
3) Spouse   A Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children   An Acrostic Poem
5) Friends  in a Flash 55
6) Pets   An English Sonnet
7) Self  Free Verse
Free Verse
~Loving Me~
As long back as I remember
I could never see
the love I felt I needed
would ever come to be
through years of hurt and pain
from those I truly loved
all I found was tears
my heart was so unloved
I changed all that I was
to gain nothing but more fears
love was never enough
it got worse through the years
Then one day it happened
a bright spot in the dark
I found the love I needed
a new place to embark
I had it all along
there on my mantelshelf
dusting it off I finally found
a way to love myself
Now my days are fulfilling
and love comes easily
because the love I give so freely
comes straight back to me


Start with love of Mother Nature
add the Taurus touch
give a green thumb to grow flowers
here let me pick you a bunch