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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today's Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

Today we are using the line...
The wood-sprite in the hammock of his tree
The rules are you must use the line, as is, for the first AND last line in your write, this prompt was created from this picture...


The wood-sprite in the hammock of his tree
is counting all the stars that he can see
as the moon drifts through the dark stratosphere
granting him a wonderous atmosphere

The blinking gems glisten in the pale light
adding a lovely cadence to the night
so here he sits, happy as he can be
the wood-sprite in the hammock of his tree


One Shot Poetry Wednesday – Celebrating Our 36th Week!


He saw the way his Dad
came home drunk every night
how Mom was scared and crying
after each and every fight

He saw his older sister
getting knocked 'round by him too
But he was so young back then
wasn't much that he could do

He held their hands as they wept
and listened to all they said
The sadness in his heart for them
burned deep inside his head

He grew up knowing it was wrong
what Dad did to the family
each day he reminded himself of
the man he would not be

As he grew he did his best
at everything he did
soon he was a grown man
not a frightened little kid

Back from a tour in the army
he wanted to visit his Mom
That's when his older sister
told him what went wrong

Seems Dad came home again
drunk and half out of his mind
when his anger once more flared
he thought Mom would do just fine

But Mom had had enough
of what Dad was always dealing
She pulled the trigger and Dad's head
went all over the ceiling

Now he see's her every Sunday
like a good son always does
and she tells him she is thankful of
the man he never was

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