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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)

Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into two or more poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wonderful sites. You think you will enjoy each of them.

Today's Prompts are...

Here at Dodge Writes we are doing Nonet with a Reverse Nonet

Carry On Tuesday # 107@ ...  Your prompt for Tuesday May 31st. This week, we have the last words spoken by Cecil Rhodes before his death in 1902...So little done, so much to do.

Three word Wednesday @ This weeks words are...

Erratic; adjective: Not even or regular in pattern or movement, unpredictable; deviating from normal or conventional in behavior or opinions.
Luminous; adjective: Full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark; (of a person’s complexion or eyes) glowing with health, vigor or a particular emotion; very bright, harsh to the eye.
Omen; noun: An event regarded as a portent of good or evil; a prophetic significance.

I thought of it as a good omen
'so little done, so much to do'
that luminous bulb lit up
flooding my emotions
hot in the moment
like a first kiss
head swirling
like waves crashing
shooting stars falling
or leaves caught in a wind
no way to predict its course
but suddenly I understood
this luminous, erratic omen