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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today's Prompt is Pleaides

Write a Pleaides poem.
Pleaides poems are seven lines long.
They have a one-word title.
Each line in the poem begins with the same letter that is the first letter in your title.
Any subject



Upheaval across the world,
Ultimately we will prevail.
Uncertain now, as we feel our losses,
Understanding that healing takes time.
Universally we come together,
Until we find an answer,
United we make the change.

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We find it a novel idea to write letters too...
My Dearest Love,

The scent of you still lingers here in our bed. Your journey under way now, I feel much more alone than I could have imagined, the final goodbye so hard for me to take. Your eyes were not as bright as I wanted them to be, the sadness in your heart shone through. We would have been seventy years together this March, and living without you now seems too hard to bear. I know I will always have you here with me in spirit, and although we just laid you to rest today, I so long to feel your gentle touch once more.

I needed you to know so much more than I said at your grave, but grief overcame me as they lowered you into the ground, and my words only came out as sobs. So here, my dearest love, I'm writing one last love letter to you.

Our love has been the greatest gift this life has ever given me. You know that I'm not the best with words love, and yet this moment here without you has given me a desire to put into words all the wonders loving you in this life has shown me.

I was just a child when you found me, all of sixteen, yet we could not deny the attraction so strong in our young hearts. Through the years you never failed each day to tell me that you loved me, and that you never would believe how God could bless you with such a love as ours. I have always felt the same, my love. Even now as sadness grips my emotions, the love still lingers in my heart.

When I am finally allowed to join you once again, my heart will be whole. Until then my love keep the half you hold close to you, for it is in need of your gentle warmth. The memories of our life together will keep my mind filled with joy. Reminiscing is what will keep you close to me.

Until I see you once again,
Your loving Husband,