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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Shot Wednesday- Week 32 Hosted by Moondustwriter

The Folly of Man

The water is my home,
it is wonderfully vast,
the land my only border,
my days are a blast.
My food is always plenty,
my family always near,
my home is my kingdom
there is nothing that I fear.

But that now has changed
for there is something amiss,
my family is dying...
what is all of this ?
It's heavy and dark
and I can not breathe,
I can't get it off,
I just can't believe...

That my pod is all dying,
my home is now too,
our food makes us sick,
there's nothing we can do.
We heard it's the humans
that made this big mess,
now it's killing our home,
they dont care about us...

They intrude in our home,
drill deep in our beds,
take from us without care,
somethings wrong with their heads...
it's as if they dont know
the effects they create,
then something goes wrong,
it's all part of fate....

If you take from the circle,
you must give something back,
but, they've taken so much,
we've stopped keeping track.
We stay out of their reach
as best as we can,
but we can not escape
this latest folly of man.


Today's Prompt is BOOK OF LOVE

Today is Chapter four in the book of love.
Here is how it goes...

Chapters                         Forms of poetry
1) Parents                     1) Tanka
2) Siblings                    2) 15 words or less
3) Spouse                     3) Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children                    4) Acrostic
5) Friends                     5) Flash 55
6) Pets                          6) English Sonnet
7) Self                           7) Free Verse

The rules are ...
Once you use a form you can not use it again, we are looking to have all seven forms used in the book.
Once you use a chapter you can not use it again, all the chapters must be used.
You may use any form with any chapter as long as you do not repeat them.
Bandit and I are doing ours in the order given for both the chapters and the form.
So our book of love looks like this

1) Parents   A Tanka poem
2) Siblings  15 words or less
3) Spouse   A Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children   An Acrostic Poem
5) Friends  in a Flash 55
6) Pets   An English Sonnet
7) Self    A Free Verse
Chapter four
An Acrostic poem
Chubby cheeks when they are born,   
Handfulls at two and three,                
In the years to come they grow so fast,
Loving them, we set them free...            
Daring and dashing on their own,        
Reckless in love as can be                      
Engagement, marriage, they become      
New parents of cheeks so chubby