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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Today's Prompt is Abecedarian Poem

Abecedarian Poem

An abecedarian poem is similiar to the ABC poem but uses all the letters in the alphabet. It starts with "A" and works all the way down to "Z".
It is a form of an acrostic poem. The first letter of each line in the poem spell out the entire alphabet. OURS IS...ABC's of life

A gift of a smile upon your face
Being there to help no matter the place
Caring for someone who's feeling down
Driving a friend to shop in town
Electing to do the dishes again
Fearlessly putting a heart on the mend
Generosity to all that are in need
Helping a garden by planting a seed
Insisting on being the last in line
Just a few things I think are kind
Keeping a promise is important to do
Let someone in, lean on them too
Magic happens when your heart is open
Now and then bend, but don't be broken
Outstretch a hand to find a new friend
Patience always wins in the end
Quality time with family spent
Reasons not needed for a present
Send the troops some smiles from home
Trust in love, you wont be alone
Understand you get more when you give
Value all life as long as you live
Wealth is not found only in money
X marks the spot where you start a journey
You are the place where kindness begins
Zoning out, we highly do not recommend

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