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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Here at Dodge Writes we are once again trying a new form... the Shairi:
So we found the form on a blog we read through OSP, but cant remember who's blog it was (apologies for that) and went to the site we always fall back on for forms and such, which is WIKIPEDIA @ , to try to get as much info on it as possible, even an example to see how it is written...the following is what we found...

It consists of four 16-syllable lines, with a caesura between syllables eight and nine. While there are stanzas with as many as five syllables rhyming, generally shairi uses either feminine or dactylic rhyme. It is worth noticing that despite the feminine and dactylic forms of rhyme, in Georgian shairi stress is very weak due to the nature of the Georgian language, which is characterized by dynamic and very weak stress placed on antepenultimate syllable in words longer than two syllables and on penultimate in two syllable words.
There are two versions, the Dabali Shairi or low version, and the Magala Shairi or high version. The low version is not really suited to the Iamb poet as it consists of five syllables, followed by three syllables, a caesura and then a triple rhyme. Here is the schematic;
x x x x x, x x x, - x x x x x, (x x a)
x x x x x, x x x, - x x x x x, (x x
x x x x x, x x x, - x x x x x, (x x
x x x x x, x x x, - x x x x x, (x x
The Magali Shairi is much better suited to the Iambic user as sections are broken up into fours (or two iambs), there is still a caesura after the second section, but the requirement is only for a double rhyme. Here is that schematic;
x x x x, x x x x, - x x x x, x x (x a)
x x x x, x x x x, - x x x x, x x (x
x x x x, x x x x, - x x x x, x x (x
x x x x, x x x x, - x x x x, x x (x
Yea yea, I know it sounds kind of hard, but we live for that right ? All we ask is that you give it a try with us so maybe we can get a better understanding of the form, we are trying both... OURS ARE...


Diabolical is this form, its corruptible, new to do,
indescribable, gives me pause, seems impossible to chew through,
When done correctly, seems to me, it might be easy to do too
farewell to this form for I'm through, I gave it a try, cue to you !!


Magically word come to me, filling pages in my blind mind
flowing in rhyme, time after time, walking along many fine lines,
In times of greif, I get releif, with words I write, I can unwind 
something to show the life I know, and share it with friends so entwined

WOW that was a tough one for me, how about you ?