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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Today's Prompt is Rondeau redoublé

A more complex form is the rondeau redoublé. This is written on two rhymes, but in five stanzas of four lines each and one of five lines. Each of the first four lines (stanza 1) get individually repeated in turn once by becoming successively the respective fourth lines of stanzas 2, 3, 4, & 5; and the first part of the first line is repeated as a short fifth line to conclude the sixth stanza. This can be represented as - A1,B1,A2,B2 - b,a,b,A1 - a,b,a,B1 - b,a,b,A2 - a,b,a,B2 - b,a,b,a,(A1).

This Prompt was actually a challenge to us by our friend Penny, who found the form and wrote a wonderful poem of her cat . You can read it on her blog @  and since we love a challenging form we are prompting all of you too.. ANY SUBJECT... OURS IS ...

Sweetness comes easy, all gooey and rich,
somethings are so good once they cross the lips,
but I found that sweetness comes with a glitch,
unless your a child, it goes straight to your hips...

Cheese cake with berries and dab on cool whips!
Icecream and cookies, they make my tongue twitch...
of many sweet breads, I've had a few nips,
Sweetness comes easy, all gooey and rich...

Into a thin body I wish I could switch,
then with my sweet tooth, I could come to grips,
(I think in pastries I would find my niche)
somethings are so good once they cross the lips.

Some fall for french fries, others go for chips,
some must have meat to make them unhitch,
some find that fruits make their heart do skips,
but I found that sweetness comes with a glitch...

no matter your weakness or what does which,
your mouth starts to water, drool sometimes drips,
just one little bite and your day you enrich,
(unless your a child, it goes straight to your hips)

Its hard to deny , you must come to grips,
they are made so that, our minds they bewitch...
the more that you eat, the more your clothes rips...
(maybe we could let them out a stitch?!?)
Sweetness comes easy...

Okay Penny there you go !! Hope we did you proud !!
Everyone else....

Todays Prompt is 15 words or less

Today we ask that you write on a bitter breakup...  the only catch is that you have to do it in 15 words or less...OURS IS...

sour is the stain
left by the
heart you crushed
as you bit into adultery