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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day of rest

Hey everybody...

It has been a while again but as the song goes ' Your in my heart, Your in my soul , You'll be my friend till I grow old...'

I really miss coming here and writing with you all, but there are times when I just am way too tired to even look at the screen. I know you all understand, we all are busy in our own ways.

Today we will do a picture prompt...This is a picture from our garden... we ask that you write something about this in prose or any form of poetry....


Upon her steed sits the Fairy Queen
with flowing dress, she smiles with glee
her teaddy bears keep her company
beneath her beloved creeping charlie
She stays in the cool shade of green

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Poetically with Brian Miller

Today at OSP Brian is hosting and has a wonderful artist James Rosenquist who is inspiring in many ways ! Brian challenges us to take a look at James' work and write a poem... we found this one ... We are once again trying our hand at aflash 55 and invite you to try it too...OURS IS...

Black and grey
In dreams
time's melodic strings
eggs hold the fates
strung to the fantasies
that swirl
the realities that beckon
by the pencils that
tic toc- toc tic
blur the imagination
the unchanging face
four thirty, five forty,
just a baster for the time in dreams
where life melts away


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)

Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into two or more poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wonderful sites. You will enjoy each of them. As always we love for you to add your link here, but we hope you will also link up at these other sites too, trust us it is worth the time !
Today's Prompts are...

Here at Dodge Writes we are doing the Rondeau, which consists of thirteen lines of eight syllables, plus two refrains (which are half lines, each of four syllables), employing, altogether, only three rhymes. It has three stanzas and its rhyme scheme is as follows: (1) A A B B A (2) A A B with refrain: C (3) A A B B A with concluding refrain C. The refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line.

Write a letter Wednesday @   This week Josie is writing her letter to a group of fellow bloggers that played an important role in her life during a difficult period. She invites us to write one too, and we will (tee hee hee)...

Carry On Tuesday # 106  Your prompt for Tuesday June14th This week, we have the title of one of Abbas most poignant songs.
Slipping through my fingers

Three word Wednesday  weeks words are...

Grip; verb: take and keep a firm hold of; grasp tightly; maintain a firm contact, especially by friction; noun: A firm hold; a tight grasp or clasp; a manner of grasping or holding something.

Prefer; verb: like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose.

Thread; noun: A long, thin strand of cotton, nylon, or other fibers used in sewing or weaving; a thing resembling a thread in length or thinness, in particular; something abstract or intangible, regarded as weak or fragile; verb: Pass (a long, thin object or piece of material) through something and into the required position for use.

One Stop Poetry @ Post your poem, read the others and get read !!

Now you know why we call it WOW !!! LOL
And off we go, OURS ARE...

My thoughts of you, they still linger,
yet are slipping through my fingers,
That thread I grip to is fading,
For new love is now invading,
My thoughts of you.

I thought you were the perfect ringer,
the one found upon a finger,
but my new love is now shading,
My thoughts of you.

my love to you, you found meager,
which put me tight in the wringer,
now I'm through with all the wading,
I prefer no masquerading,
letting go of all that lingers...
My thoughts of you

AND ...

To all the friends who blog with me,

I hope that daily you all know that I truly love and appreciate you. Since I started blogging in January of this year I have had the most wonderful time reading and writing with you. I often run out of the words to say just how much you each mean to me and how much what you write inspires, touching my heart and soul.

I prompt you because I'm selfish, I want to read you. Though these days I have less and less time to do so. I work from sunrise to sunset most days and it takes all the strenght out of me... so fear not I will read you.

I have shoddy service that, at times, goes south for no reason at all, (or if it is cloudy for a few days in a row, or when some dumb ass thinks vandalism is funny, or... well you get the picture), so you may not see me for a few days here and there. I do my best to prompt you all on a daily basis, though now I understand how hard that really is. I'm still learning, so hang on, the ride may smooth out here before you know it .

I will forever be grateful of the comments you take the time to write, even if it is just a smiley face to let me know you were here, it helps to bring me out of the slump I sometimes get into, makes me feel like doing more. And THAT means more than you could possibly know.

So here is to you, my lovely friends, thank you for making my life sweeter every day.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Tales of Tuesday just popped in my head one day.  The idea is to have a day when we write prose, what is happening in our day or stories of old, or prompt imaginary stories. Hope you all join in too...

Today we are writing about music...OURS IS...

Sometimes I feel like I fell out of the womb singing. Music has been a very big part of my life for as long as I can remember, giving way to many of the reasons I have the need to write poetry. Every day I wake to a song in my head, this morning's song is Love is Alive by The Judd's, and it stays with me all day long.

There are many times that, when hearing a song for the first time, I can sing the chorus along with the singer and remember it the next time I hear it. I guess it is just in my blood.

When I was very young I talked my Mom into buying me my first guitar and I learned to love music even more. I got a few free lessons too which were very eye-opening, for my young hands didn't seem to have what it took it master my new friend the guitar. I'm not sure why the lessons ended, but I do remember my guitar being used as a weapon against me when Mom went into one of her rages... the guitar didn't make it. I was devastated ! I truly felt like Mom took away my best friend and it took years for me to pick up another one.  So instead I wrote, in secret, so that no one could hurt me with my poems. It was my Grand that saw me writing one day, on her back patio in my little note book, she waited until I came back into the house and asked me to share it with her.  I remember not wanting to, but she put all my fears aside with praise and helped me grow into a better writer.

Years later I signed up to be in the school band, hoping that I could be one of the guitarists, little did I know they didn't have a guitar section in our school, so I was chosen to play the trumpet. It was wonderful ! I LOVED IT !! Playing the scales everyday was so much fun for me, learning the school song, playing with the others in the band, made me come alive musically in that year. At least I thought I was good, but alas, I wasn't, the trumpet wasn't the best instrument for me, and I was cut from the band.

So again I went into a writing phase, many more years went by and I found myself in Yuma Arizona, married to a man that was a cheater and very abusive, so I ran from him and moved to Phoenix, with a new job and a new dime store guitar. I wrote a lot of poems then too, but this time I also wrote my own music to them, with the help of one of my co-workers. It was as if I found myself again, the songs I wrote flowed easily and I learned much from my co-worker who played everyday with me and helped me in ways that I still have with me today.  The tragic part of this is that my husband came for me and convienced me to go back to Yuma with him. My heart melted that he looked for and found me, and he seemed to really have changed. Yeah right !  That only lasted for a few months, which ended in him burning everything I owned, including all my writings and my beloved guitar. Needless to say I was once again heartbroken, it took me many years and countless tears to get over that, but all of those days are behind me now.

A few months ago, I found a guitar at a yard sale, not much to look at, but I thought it was worth the 15 dollars they were asking for it, so I bought it. It was like heaven to me to pick and strum again. Playing the few cords I know and the one song I remember most of the cords to (  Lonely people by America ) I was the happiest girl around, I had a guitar again. I found a web site that I can re-learn all that I have forgotten and play as much as I can everyday. Now I can play Leaving on a jet plane, and I'm learning to change cords smoothly, something I have a hard time with since I have two metal braces and all those pens in my arm. It's like I never played before, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My fingers are numb, my strumming is off and I feel like I am not worthy at times, but then I realize how much I truly enjoy the whole process. 

Now here is the stunning part... We have a neighbor who is by all rights a real guitar man. His name is Mark. He has been playing guitar since he was a very young man and has more knowledge than I can wrap my head around.  I was so happy at my 15 dollar guitar and showed it off like it was the sh*t... That is when Mark went into action. He secretly found a mission that he was headlong into for the next few months, and a few days ago he walked up with the most beautiful guitar and gave it to me.  With tears streaming I picked her up for the first time and played... (here I am crying again... tee hee hee...) What a beauty ! What a wonderful gift ! Mark told me all he wanted is for me to have a guitar that I will have for the rest of my life, he said the better the guitar the easier it is to learn, man is he ever right ! The music I play on her is like nothing I have ever played before, only making me long to play more.

Of course I can not thank Mark enough, but he wont hear it, he just wanted little sister to have the best... Bless his heart !  So here is my new girl, she is a Yamaha FD02 Green label, from the 70's, in mint condition !

And now the muse is calling....


Monday, June 13, 2011

Multi-Prompt Monday

Has been left out to dry today, I just now got on and to tell you all the truth, I think I need to go to bed... Please pray that my headaches and tired body will feel better in the morning...
Thank you friends...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picture Prompt Challenge Time!

OSP @ has once again offered us a chance to join in on some picture fun. Today we are inspired by Rob Hanson’s work, you can find more of his wonderful works @

We are asked to write a poem or a flash 55 on the prompt... OURS IS...


From the 'lovers tin can'
and the electric telegraph
the telephone emerged
and forged a new path

Now heard across the miles
and over distant lands
phones are voice activated
'look Ma no hands'

still I have to ponder
in a wide eyed sort of way
what AG Bell and Watson
would think of phones today


Saturday, June 11, 2011

We're back !!

It has been a long and hard week for us, between work and my daily headaches I really haven't had the mind to write. But Bandit is insisting that I get it together and quit being selfish...tee hee hee... so finally having a day off and a ton of ibuprofen (6 so far today) here we are !!

To get back into the swing of things we are offering up the USE THESE WORDS Prompt... Todays words are WIDE-EYED, ADMITTEDLY, SHOVELFUL, BRAINWASHED, MASKED, FESTIVAL, PROTECTED, OVERWOUND, GAWKINESS, JOVIAL...The rules are you must use 8 of the 10 words as they are given in prose or poetry form... OURS IS...

My Poetry

My mind is overwound
with feelings that are masked
I live in wide-eyed wonder
jovial with each daily task
admittedly I'm simple
brainwashed by my rhyme
a festival of word play
protected in my mind
reason full of gawkiness
a shovelful of doubt
rhythum in my words
thats what poetry's about


Saturday, June 4, 2011


 Here are the rules... we will start by giving the first two lines to a poem that you add two lines to. This time we will use a six syllable count per line for the whole poem, rhyme scheme for this one will be up to you ! Each of the lines added will continue the poem, so if you are the forth person to add lines, you need to continue on from the third persons lines and so on...the idea here is to see how we all can work together to write a poem. We will put the lines up in the order that they come in. HAVE FUN !! JOIN IN PLEASE !!

The trees on the roadside
looked like mighty soldiers


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)

Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into two or more poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wonderful sites. You think you will enjoy each of them.

Today's Prompts are...

Here at Dodge Writes we are doing Nonet with a Reverse Nonet

Carry On Tuesday # 107@ ...  Your prompt for Tuesday May 31st. This week, we have the last words spoken by Cecil Rhodes before his death in 1902...So little done, so much to do.

Three word Wednesday @ This weeks words are...

Erratic; adjective: Not even or regular in pattern or movement, unpredictable; deviating from normal or conventional in behavior or opinions.
Luminous; adjective: Full of or shedding light; bright or shining, especially in the dark; (of a person’s complexion or eyes) glowing with health, vigor or a particular emotion; very bright, harsh to the eye.
Omen; noun: An event regarded as a portent of good or evil; a prophetic significance.

I thought of it as a good omen
'so little done, so much to do'
that luminous bulb lit up
flooding my emotions
hot in the moment
like a first kiss
head swirling
like waves crashing
shooting stars falling
or leaves caught in a wind
no way to predict its course
but suddenly I understood
this luminous, erratic omen