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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hello everyone...
 I'm working on being back into our blog with new hopes of faded dreams. I know that a lot of you knew that I was unable to post anything for a bit, due to being homeless for a few months. well I'm happy to say that is no longer my haul to tow, YIPPY ! And although I have very little left of my old possessions, I am happy to report that I have come out of the tunnel , through to the light and am making teenaged steps instead of the baby steps I was a week ago.

 I informed my FB friends family & followers that I am working on putting out my first Book of poetry, which is something I hope to have compleated and off to the printers some time in the next few months. I would love to have it all zipped up paid off before the end of April, but I dont want my expectations to be too high, so I'm settling for this year.... But I really would like the book out for my 52nd Birthday... a present to myself, because I AM worth it....LOL.

I plan on helping out a number of my followers by offering up a sweet deal, get published in the book, the only downer to the deal is the fact that I cannot pay for permission to use your writes. I can however give you some copies of the book that your poem is in for permission to use it as an example to the prompts we have done in the past.

I know that when the book comes out I will be as nervous as a hen, but what the heck, it might be the first in a series of hits... we sure have fun here...Right?

So if by a small chance you are willing to see your prompt response in the book I'm putting together and you agree to give me permission to grant its use for a few copies ( I can do up to 3 for now) Please let me know ... I have lots of past prompts Im looking at to use and they all sound great to me, even the ones I did wrong ...LOL

OK so lets Jump into the Prompt for today.....I think for our welcome back we should do the ole stand by favorite of USE THESE WORDS....
As usual the rules are  you must use the words as they are given, without changes to them, in any order you like. You must use at least 8 of the 10 words. You may write yours in any form of prose or poetry, and we request that you place yours in the comments section here as well as on your own blog.
Most of all we hope you enjoy ....

My cat Tutu is my fur kid
he brings me such joy and LAUGHTER
He's shy a bit when on his leash,
under AFOOT when a toy he is after
We venture out into the STICKS
BUSHES and ROCKS are like home
I have a CAGE in my truck
so I can take him where ever I roam
We have no CLOCKS to tell us the time
No PAPER to give us bad news
So off we go to make memories
with that I will never have blues.


PS ... help us out and give a shout out that you are with me again. I really hope to see all of my friends again... Missed you all so much...


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  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for trying Pam, LOVE THAT YOU ARE HERE WITH US !!

  4. Don’t let the clock become Time’s trapping cage
    Or words on paper tie each second down,
    Let laughter, dancing, spread its coins around;
    A book contains a story not a page.

    When hearts roam free, afoot upon the world
    They stub their toes on rocks or step on sticks
    And run through bushes suffering life’s pricks,
    The nick through which the bud of love unfurled.

    1. You always make them look so easy Penny !
      Thank you for joining us ..

  5. The daily PAPER came in the NICK of time
    Doubts were AFOOT
    Especially when hearing their LAUGHTER
    creeping down the hall
    You know, my CLOCK keeps ticking
    Does my memory hold?
    Are there ROCKS in my head?
    Is today Sunday?
    The news is retrieved from the BUSHES
    Relief STICKS to these aching bones
    It is the Sunday Times.

    1. Well done Pam... you too make it look easy... am I that rusty ???? LOL

    2. Thanks JL. I always have fun responding to your prompts. I look forward to more if you are up to it.

  6. The two responses above are good, especially Pam's. Clever prompt, JL, and so glad to see you're back, and no longer homeless I know about homeless, as I once helped my homeless brother. I cheer you on with your publishing endeavors...though poetry is very difficult to market. Your homeless period....sounds like a goldmine of stories if you were up to it. But, whatever you do, I wish you success.

    1. Thank you Ann,
      I am so happy to have a home again, its so nice.... and yes tons of stories ... they will be shared in the unusual ways that I tend to write...
      the book is an end result of the past prompts and how we have done them, a few insights and corrections will be added as well. More of a book for those who wish to do some or all of the prompts in a non internet form. I have a feeling that it will be a fun thing for poets to get inspiration from.... at least that is my hope. We will see how it goes...
      Thank you for coming by, hope to see you often.