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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Saturday Celebration: Your Past


He was my world, my life he did hold
for him I gave freely, my secrets untold
he helped me learn, each day we were one
and all of my days were sunny and fun
he took my hand, we took a vow,
but we are not together now.....

He and I  met, when I was bitter
of lasting love, I  was a quitter,
he helped me try at love once more,
and showed me what my heart was for,
he gave me hope, I gave him me,
and because I loved him , I set him free....

Then he came along, but  I was cold,
and at that time, I thought love was old,
he helped me see that love can be true,
showing me things that I never knew,
he brought me joy, but I gave him pain,
now he is another I wont see again....

Now here you are, looking at me,
wondering now, if we can be,
I'm standing here at loves door
opening up my heart once more
I give you my hand,  we take our vow,
I finally see forever now

This is posted in response to the challenge, this was written over a few years and was one of the first poems I shared on line.

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  1. Awww, this is absolutly beautiful.. You are good!!