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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Picture Prompt Challenge Time!

OSP @ has once again offered us a chance to join in on some picture fun. Today we are inspired by Rob Hanson’s work, you can find more of his wonderful works @

We are asked to write a poem or a flash 55 on the prompt... OURS IS...


From the 'lovers tin can'
and the electric telegraph
the telephone emerged
and forged a new path

Now heard across the miles
and over distant lands
phones are voice activated
'look Ma no hands'

still I have to ponder
in a wide eyed sort of way
what AG Bell and Watson
would think of phones today



  1. From tin can to no hands! Love that. Great take on the prompt.

  2. Exactly, what Graham bell will think today, you say the evolution, or revolution?

  3. Love it! I have a telegram that was sent to my Uncle in the war...

  4. ha yes i wonder what they would say today, would it surprise them or disappoint that we are not further along...still waiting on the hologram myself...smiles.

  5. No hands is right. I wonder myself what they would think. Things sure have come a long way. I remember the old dial up phones and the lines were shared with other people listening in on conversations, I love this, you did a great job as usual and it seems blogger is working again for now.. Susie

  6. Very true. Phones have to do so much these days.

  7. To share the communciation journey from it's simple beginnings to now... what exactly are they now? So much is possible if only we try what has not been tried before.

  8. You have captured the wonder of the advent of the telephone! Lovely poem!

  9. I loved this piece, clever and playful, beautifully harmonized. Great write! ~Rose

  10. I think that communication is way beyond anything they ever imagined...

  11. I enjoyed your poem. Both fun and true!

    I'm in a bad mood, not feeling up to a limerick. And so...

    When it comes to verse,
    what greater sin
    than a lazy poet
    who phones it in?

    Mad Kane