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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today's Prompt is CREATIVE WRITING

Today we want you to share a story,  one you wrote a while ago, or one you just started... leave us wanting more !

If you need someone

with criminal experience,
I'm your man.

Josie looked at the business card that the stranger handed her, read the words, was just about to say something to the man, but when she looked back up, he was gone. She looked all around, trying to see which direction he had left in, but it was if he just disappeared. Josie felt a chill roll up the back of her spine, the tiny hairs on the nape of her neck lifted.

'What the hell just happened?' Josie thought as she examined the business card a little closer. Flipping the card over, she saw a name and an address-no telephone number.

Nicolas O. Thyme
445 Rush Ave
San Diego, Calif.

Josie laughed when she saw this and felt it must have been some silly joke. Nick O Thyme, indeed, like anybody would actually name a kid that. Ridiculous. She crumpled up the card and discarded it in the trashcan as she walked by. She started down the street headed in the direction of the office building she worked in.

Josie was a secretary in a construction firm in the downtown area. She liked the office she worked in mostly for the gorgeous view of Shelter Island. Watching the cars crossing the Coronado Bridge, and the ships coming and going from the harbor. She always wanted to be on one of them, destination ...anywhere away from here.

Josie stepped off the elevator on the 15th story, and into the lobby of D&D construction. A very quiet place compared to the other floors in the building. She accidentally stepped off on the 12th floor one day and was amazed at all the people scurrying around, it made where she worked look like a ghost town.

Josie knew she would be the first one in the office; she liked it that way, opening the blinds, turning on the coffee maker, her morning's always started this way. She went over to the computer and started to turn on all the components. As she pulled on the drawer that held the keyboard, she felt that tingle crawl up her spine again. On the keyboard was the business card she had just thrown away. She didn't have to read it all, she already knew what it said.

She looked around the office, weary of what she might find. She opened every door in the office, but there was no one there. She decided her work mates might be playing around with her again; they loved to pull hoaxes on one another. She went back to her desk and sat down in front of her computer. As the Internet service came up, her usual screen saver was replaced with a message. An address and a name... sending her straight up out of her chair.

"That does it, " she yelled, "What the hell is going on here?"

As if on cue, the stranger walked out of the elevator doors. He was a very rough looking man, in a great package. He was bronzed, with brown wavy hair, six-foot-one and muscles from head to toe. He had the most beautiful green eyes Josie had ever seen. If it wasn't for the fact she was so creeped out over the whole thing, she may have even liked meeting this man.

"What? Who? How?" Nothing was coming out of her mouth the way it should.

"I'm Nick," he said ,"Nick Thyme; I'm here to help you."

"Help me?" Josie was confused. "The only thing I see wrong here is you."

None of this was making any sense and for some reason her mouth quit working the moment Nick walked into the room. She started to pick up the phone to dial security, but he took the phone from her so quick, she stumbled and fell back into her chair. She let out a little yelp as she plopped down. Nick was there in a flash making sure the chair didn't fall all the way back. He held it strong, but the quickness he showed made her even more scared of him and she jumped right back up again.

"Who are you, and what do you want with me?" She asked.

"I told you already, I'm Nick..."

"Yeah, yeah... and you're here to help me."

She interrupted him, she moved away from him as much as she could, saying,
"Why should I believe you? First you come out of nowhere, hand me a card that, at the very best, is creepy. Then you disappear without a trace, only to show up here at my work and scare the living crap out of me. What kind of person does that any way? And what kind of name is Nick this some kind of joke?"

She knew she was rambling, her mind was whirling. She wanted to run, but Nick kept her cornered. She thought about the survival training class she took and the ways she was taught to get out of situations like this. None of it was coming back to her.

"You should have tried growing up with that name," He said sarcastically, snapping Josie back into the room. "I guess my parents thought long and hard on that one."

He moved in closer to Josie and looked deep into her eyes. She was amazed to see the concern in those green eyes.

"As I have been trying to tell you, I'm here to help you." He grabbed her by the shoulders to get her full attention. "There are things going on that you are not aware of, things that, if you aren't careful, could go very wrong, very quick."

She was just about to protest when the doors to the elevator opened again. Nick let go of his grip on Josie, and turned to see who was in the elevator. It was Frank Desmond, the top boss of D&D construction. He walked in with two men Josie had never seen before.

Nick looked long and hard at them all and turned to Josie once more, and said, "I am telling you this is a bad situation. Here is my number, use it." He forced another card in Josie's hand and turned to leave, keeping his eyes on the men as he passed them in the lobby.



  1. More, More cmon don't leave me hanging on the cliff. This is a thriller and a great write.

  2. Ok lady,just were did you get all this talent?What a great story,well written,the plot grabbed a hold of you and wouldn't let go.It make you want to read the next installment,you have the beginning's of a short story or even dare I say it,a book.You must finish the story. I wait with baited breath.

  3. Bravo JL! I definitely want to read the rest of the story. I find myself wondering if the dark mysterious stranger may turn out to be an angel in disguise. I sure like the main character's name too! ;-)

    I re-posted a story I wrote a couple years ago,since today has been a little too busy/eventful/stressful to focus on creative efforts. I thought you might enjoy this one.