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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today's Prompt is LEMONS

Today we want you to write a poem about lemons...
any way you like it , rhyming or not, short or long

Lemons are a sour fruit
that are hard for some to eat
but for myself I eat them like
they are the sweetest treat!



  1. Lemon cake and Classical Music.

    The scent of lemon sprigs fills the air.

    Beautiful melodic piano sonnets and strings of freshly polished violins.

    Peonies, narcissus,and gladiolas.
    Yearning for a breath.
    The feel of crispness reaching out to embrace their petals.
    A velvety touch.

    At last, the heights! A golden flower found alone.
    Departed are the desert detours, the shores of loneliness and fear.

    Vanilla icing, buttery to the touch. Sensations. Sensuations.

    Dancing and frolicking feet. The pace quickens.
    Laughter and lightness. Escalating, climbing toward brighter dawns.

    Holy morn in which new mercies, encapsulating are born.

    Splendor in the awakening!
    Scintillating, shimmering shine.

    (This is the one on my blog...I wrote it on a cold minter morn when I was yearning for spring!)

  2. Lemons

    Lemon meringue mellow light

    Creamy sorbet iced delight

    Pop cycle pleasures in summers heat

    Sweet lemon custard winters treat

    © Hεɭεɳค ᏇђίԵε

  3. WOW you two amaze me !!!!
    Thank you for joining in !!!!

  4. Lemons grow on trees,
    A fruit that can be sour,
    They sit amonst the leaves
    Getting yellower by the hour.
    When pick at fully ripe
    They taste so very good
    How can something so nice
    Grow on something made of wood?