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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Prompt is Vers Beaucoup

Vers Beaucoup is an enjoyable form that was created By Curt Mongold on the FanStory site.

The easiest way to explain Vers Beaucoup is that it is a 4,3,3,2 rhyme format with no more than three words PER RHYME. A lot of people get thrown off by that one It can have less, but no more than three. Here is an example...

Little Roxanne
Little Roxanne, had a plan, to get Stan, a career man,
be his wife, his whole life, have no strife.
Well she knew, he liked brew, so she threw
a garden party, little smarty.
Everyone, was having fun, under the sun, especially the one,
she wanted most, he came close, made a toast,
about her eyes, made her realize, to her suprise,
he wanted her, feelings stir.

Stan came around, love was found, bells resound, her belly round,
baby makes three, on the tree, of this family.
That's how Stan became the man of little Roxanne,
together they grew, love so true.



He persists, to kiss, the sweet miss, in the mist
she resists not, because he's hot, she thought
so it starts, two hearts, cupids darts...
heard this before? wait there's more...

He and she, meant to be, happily, start a family
Bill, Jill, and Phil
Anne, Dan,  and Jo-Anne
house was full, dont you know.

Have fun...


  1. It's a killer, my thought's stiller, couldn't be niller, my panic shriller.
    I can hope, I will cope, not a dope,
    What a pain, racking my brain,gone quite insane
    That is it, now I quit.

    It's not me, that I see, could not be, 'cos you see
    I'm a poet, you know it , I show it
    When I rhyme, all the time, just so sublime,
    This impossible form, Isn't the norm.

  2. AHHH but you do it SO WELL !!!
    nice one !

  3. those that write poetry really make me feel that prose is so slow, that thoughts are fine, though they must rhyme,but must do so in 4,3,3,2 time.So I think I will stick with prose even though it is so slow.

  4. Lovers met, faces set, eyes so wet, Romeo and Juliet.
    Poison drained, Death feigned, Heartbeat waned,
    Knife thrust, in to bust, so unjust
    Living and dead share a bed.

    Waking find dread undefined, so unkind, left behind,
    Hope is fled, she is dead, not to wed,
    Using knife, fleeing this life, joining promised wife
    Star-crossed lovers earth now covers.

  5. To Richard,
    Admiring those who write prose, anyone who knows how writing goes,
    My imagination soars, my writing bores, so full of flaws,
    Descriptions so long sound very wrong, only limp along,
    For me prose just never flows.

  6. Hey you two , I've two too, which to do, haven't a clue,
    I go, with the flow, don't you know,
    I rhyme, all the time, in my mind
    like walking, or talking.

  7. Yeah JL, doing well, I can tell, it's a sell.
    Like your verse, nice and terse, did you rehearse?
    Give me a clue how to do another type too.
    Prompting time for another rhyme.