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Monday, February 21, 2011

Todays Prompt is USE THESE WORDS

Some one (Rona) in FairyLand said she thought we had to do the words in the order they are given, and so I thought thats what we will do today.

The rules for today are you may change the tense of the words BUT you have to use them in the order given AND use all 10 words, prose or poetry is fine... and the words are...


'Slush, why is it always slush?' Her dress was covered in mud as the splash from the passing buggy unexpectedly sprayed her.  Princess Charlotte looked at John's trousers and thought they just might be a perfect fit. ' After all' she thought 'it's better than feeling like I have worms all over me'. Yes, she is a bit vain and if he had to be shameless it was okay, he would do a flip for her, even any thing peculiar, if she requested it. John straight loved Charlotte, but he had not the words. So his sister Jill became his advocate, which is how he won Charlotte's heart, the hunted became the hunter !!

LOL , my attempt at a short short !!


  1. Intresting,very intresting.God I love seeing what new type of poetry you come up with.

  2. Frodo the frog was a rather poor hunter
    He once was a Prince with a powerful Junta
    Be he upset a witch by laughing at her trousers
    And suddenly joined the green croaking fly browsers
    Sitting in the slush among straight bull-rushes
    Trying to hide most peculiar blushes
    While insects avoided with an insolent flip
    The long purple tongue that would pop from his lip
    While shameless fish would advocate a trial
    Of a diet of worms while they all hid a smile
    But Frodo had the last laugh when with success
    He caught and was kissed by a nematode princess.

  3. Thank you to all that joined in on the USE THESE WORDS prompt, we will be doing them again very soon.....

    More Fairylander responses....
    ENJOY !!!

    Pamela and Pinkuspettuty wrote
    8 hours, 25 minutes ago
    You could always use your slush fund. Why do you always act like such a princess?" asked Gina, her ever-present best friend. "You know if you want a pair of trousers, they are not that hard to afford"
    "Gee whizz," said Penelope, the suburban princess, "You don't have to act like such a worm! Is it so shameless of me to want something new? It's not like I flip my wardrobe every other week, you know!"
    "Right", Gina snorted, "Your opinion of yourself is very peculiar! If I were you, I would get myself straight to my hoity-toity shrinks office!"
    "You know what I think, Gina?" said Penelope stifling a sob, "if your best friend can't be your advocate, then who can you count on? Huh? Who?"
    "I guess" Gina smirked, "You will just have to go hunt yourself a new kiss ass, cuz it just ain't gonna be me any more........Want to go get a smoothie?"

    Jenni and Sixpence wrote
    10 hours, 6 minutes ago
    SLUSH, the ground was wet and frozen in patches after the snow had started to melt. Fairy PRINCESS, Sixpence had decided to wear TROUSERS today. When she had put them on she noticed that her legs looked rather like two skinny WORMS. She could be a SHAMELESS hussy on occasion and decided that it didn't matter what her legs looked like, she was royalty after all( LOL). As her mood today was a bit strange she decided to toss coin to see what else she should wear. As the ground was so damp she chose FLIP flops. As you can imagine there were a few PECULIAR looks from the townspeople as she walked through the village. They were hardly able to keep a STRAIGHT face she looked so funny.
    Although she was disappointed by the snickering of the people she decided that she would ADVOCATE a national wear something silly day for everybody. If all the creatures in the forest took part in it as well, wearing human clothing, they would scare away any hunter, that came into the forest. Feeling rather pleased with herself Sixpence decided to go home and prepare the news of her special day, and it was declared to the people of the Kingdom. On the whole the news was accepted with fairly good humour

    Penny and Elf Nsafety, ALFF Lover. wrote
    The Princess, shameless, will flip worms found in slush down the trousers of peculiar courtiers.
    "Well", says her straight talking advocate, the hunter, "She is only three."

    Rona and Sweet Pea wrote
    16 hours, 56 minutes ago
    Really enjoyed yours JL...

    We enjoyed yours too Rona !!

    Rona and Sweet Pea wrote
    16 hours, 57 minutes ago
    Thanks so to!! That was so sweet of you to include me in your prompt...
    here's our attempt today..

    "Oh my gosh there is so much slush outside today" exclaimed Princess Ann with a frown, " we'll never get to town to buy Jon a new pair of trousers and take Chestnut to the vet to see if she has worms. Mind you, we'll be able to watch another episode of 'SHAMELESS' instead! Jon will flip if he misses it."

    Jon had a peculiar love for that show. Every day he came staight home from his job as a Child Advocate to watch an episode either live or on DVD. He had to watch it before taking his hunter out for a canter on the commons.....

  4. AND Another ....

    Julie Gregory Julie's life is like slush, She so wishes she could be a princess, Find a Knight in Shining Trousers, Who is not like some of the worms she has met so far. Julie can be shameless when she has a good laugh, but sometimes certain things make her flip, so sometimes she can act peculiar, and wishes so much her life could be straight. She needs a business Advocate to sort her finances, and a hunter to find her that 'decent' man to have in her life !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. ONE MORE ...LOL

    Ann and Anastasia wrote
    11 minutes, 20 seconds ago
    Jezz tramped home through the slush in the early hours of Friday morning. She felt like a Princess she had so many pieces of other people’s jewellery on her. It had been a good night at the club. A car rushed by her throwing slush and mud all over her. She shivered and looked down at her trousers. Ugh, they were covered in tiny pink wriggly worms. Jezz couldn’t abide worms.

    Jezz ran into a nearby arcade and pulled her boots off and her trousers down and off. “Shameless” she hear her father say. It was a good job he was dead. An honest God-fearing man he would be so ashamed of what she had become. Suddenly she saw or maybe just heard something in front of her, a figure in gloom. She stood still, hardly daring to breathe. The figure, Jezz couldn’t tell if it was male or female, slowly rose out of the pile of cardboard boxes he or she had been sleeping in. With a flip of it’s wrist a match was lit illuminating the ghostly features. Jezz felt sick, it was peculiar, she wanted to run but her legs wouldn’t work. The figure walked straight towards her. Jezz was rooted to spot. “Who are you?” she gasped. “Do you not know me Jezz” the figure said, “I am an Advocate from your father, sent to tell you to mend your wicked ways. If you don’t stop stealing you will end up a hunter of lost souls in the night, just like me.” Jezz fainted dead away.

  6. More Fairylanders ...

    Di and Gossamer wrote
    7 hours, 49 minutes ago
    and day five
    Snow slush, Princess hush!
    The trousers keep you warm
    Worms crawl ‘neath a shawl
    A decoy as friends did warn

    For a cutthroat deed, shameless turncoats heed,
    Retribution will be quite swift
    With the flip of a hand, understand
    Heads from bodies will come adrift

    Safety reached. No treason beseeched !!!
    But what’s this? You find it quite peculiar.
    Your advocate has come too late
    Now ‘tis I who am the hunter

    Karen and Karina wrote
    6 hours, 2 minutes ago
    SLUSH...and more slush the lovely PRINCESS whined,wishing she was wearing TROUSERS to keep the WORMS from crawling up the SHAMELESS long evening gown she had taken such pride in selecting.The FLIP of her heel caused her to take a PECULIAR tumble that sent her STRAIGHT
    into the path of a handsome gent whom she requested to have an ADVOCATE assist in introducing them. With the nature of a true outdoorsman, he smiled and kissed the 'Princess hand when he said,Your Highness ,you have my word that our grandchildren will never know that you fell for me not knowing that I was a HUNTER.
    Flattered by his charm and gentle nature, the princess did fall in love with and marry him and to this day the two are still happily sharing their golden years together.