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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today's Prompt is FINISH THIS LINE

Todays line is...
The far side of a muddy path
The rules are you have to use this as your first line with no changes, you may use prose or any poetry form...

The far side of a muddy path
is where I needed to be,
and the only way to get there
was getting mud all over me...

So many a time I remember
the joy felt as a child,
when a puddle of mud, in my way,
was enough to make me wild...

Mud pies were made with joy
and hard baked by the sun,
we sometimes put our handprints,
just before they were 'done'...

Now, here I am, thinking about
how best I can avoid,
something that not so long ago
made me feel overjoyed ...

So feeling a bit nostalgic,
I kicked off my old shoes
and with my muddy memories
I played away my blues !



  1. Oh man, You are good.. love, love this one..

  2. Lovely JL. I did write one but left it at work.

  3. The far side of a muddy path
    A frog would sit and croak
    He liked to watch the aftermath
    Of life's little wet joke.

    He watched the people slip and slide
    While walking down the lane
    Sometimes he saw a graceful glide
    Followed by splash and pain.

    And if the sun had shone that day
    When next it came to rain
    He'd hop across that sticky way
    And stuff things in the drain.

    He loved to watch the fine new clothes
    The pristine finish lose
    And see the way a rich man loathes
    Fresh mud on brand new shoes.

    There's not much fun being a frog
    Amphibious bounder
    So he finds his fun making a bog
    And watching folk flounder.

    Second write. The first i will add when and if I can find it...


    MORE FairyLanders.... I love you all !!!

    Kathy and Clover wrote
    1 day, 10 hours ago
    The far side of a muddy path
    I see the Garden there
    Not too much excitement yet
    Snows still everywhere

    The Sun comes out, now and then
    Not enough for Me
    Soon enough the days will warm
    I anticipate with glee

    My garden will be wonderful
    Come Springs warming Sun
    Till then I'm busy as can be
    There's planning to be done

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    Lin and Pereira wrote
    1 day, 12 hours ago
    The weather!!! The "wintery mix" of rain, sleet, hail, and snow has created such a SLUSH...anyone thinking themselves a PRINCESS would be best just to hike up the hems of their TROUSERS and ensure they have their boots upon their feet! This is NOT a time to act as WORMS- SHAMELESSLY FLIPPING through the "slog".
    PECULIAR ruts have been created in the streets by vehicles attempting to go STRAIGHT, but the wheels jerked from the path- slipping and sliding to undesired parts.
    We need an. ADVOCATE willing to be the HUNTER to find the safest route back to the homestead.
    Ahhhh! Home safely, at last!!!!!

    Remember: it's STILL winter.

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    Lin and Pereira wrote
    1 day, 12 hours ago
    The far side of a muddy path is where the Faeries play,
    Marking with muddy foot-prints those who attempt to stray.

    A faerie crossing into dangerous territory;
    Or a Big-Being stumbling across for a story.

    There must be care taken so they remain safe-
    The charming, unsuspecting waif.

    So, whilst traipsing along the lightly beaten path,
    Though slightly "mudded", please be mindful, cause no wrath.

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    Jenni and Sixpence wrote
    1 day, 13 hours ago
    Today's Prompt is FINISH THIS LINE...
    The far side of a muddy path
    The rules are you have to use this as your first line with no changes, you may use prose or any poetry form...OURS IS...

    The far side of a muddy path
    Seems so far away
    When your legs are only little,
    It could fill you with dismay.

    If you should jump and fall right in
    How cross your mum would be
    With your Sunday best clothes on
    As you're going out for tea.

    Would it be worth the chance?
    As there would always be
    The hope that you could jump it
    And keep as clean as clean could be.

    Yes I think I'll go for it
    Sometimes you need to be brave
    I raise my arms up in the air
    Prepared to have a go.

    Then all at once I'm flying
    That puddle seemed so wide before
    YES, I made it to the other side
    And kept my clothes clean as they were before.

    So if you put your mind to it
    There's nothing you can't do
    Nothing is impossible, if you try,
    It is really up to you.

    I think everyone liked this one !!!

    Kathryn and Honeysuckle Rose wrote
    1 day, 5 hours ago
    Is where our house lay
    We were packing in groceries
    On this slushy day

    No driving in
    On a day like this
    You never know
    What could go amiss

    We could slide in the mud
    Or get stuck in the snow
    Then we'd have a chore
    You know?

    Better to walk
    With the groceries on our back
    300 yards
    Along a muddy track

    Right about the middle
    Where the mud is nice and deep
    Just as I was crossing
    My boot the mud did keep

    I had not lost my momentum
    So my foot slipped out
    When my toes squished into the mud
    I let out a shout

    It startled me
    The mud was cold
    But I just laughed
    The memory will be gold!

    KC 2-23-11

    Rona and Sweet Pea wrote
    1 day, 4 hours ago
    We didn't get a chance to friend dragged me to a movie!!! LOL
    Here's our short excerpt for the day...

    "The far side of a muddy path..." Jon looked at me straight on. A coldness in his eyes.
    "What?" I asked incredulously. "Are you kidding me? Is that all it says after what we've just gone thru to get it??"
    "I"m telling you ...that's ALL it says." Jon threw the piece of paper down on the table in disgust.
    "But WHAT MUDDY PATH??? WHERE?? Doesn't it give us the coordinates or some name of a town...a park???? This is crazy!!!"
    I decided there and then I was never going to be talked into treasure hunting ever again. Jon and I were exhausted, filthy and hungry and this scrap of paper was all we'd come up with so far. We'd almost surely never find the treasure least not before our other FB friends...
    Jon suddenly laughed out loud..."with clues like this thank God we're not looking for a body!!!"
    I simply had to laugh too...Jon had a way of turning the worst situations into humorous ones. I loved him for that. .....

    Ann and Anastasia wrote
    1 day ago
    On the far side of a muddy path lay my home. The trucks had ploughed up and down all day long but now it was quiet and I may be able to make a run for it. I was cold and wet and really wanted to run in the other direction and find a new home somewhere safe and dry in another part of the wood. However my babies lay on the far side of the path and they needed me. I peeped out from the undergrowth where I had sheltered for most of the day. No one about. I started across the path and felt my legs sinking deep into the mud. This was no good I would never get there. I looked around. A branch had fallen across the path just a few feet from where I stood. I crept along it. The branch wobbled slightly but stayed firm. Now six inches of mud to go and I was there. I carefully lowered myself and stretched my toes out as far as they would go. Slowly, one step at a time, I edged forward. At last I was there. My babies were crying for me. They were all starving. Safe and warm I gave them a feed and then urged them one by one out of the hole where we lived and deep into the dank dark wood. There we would make another home. The next day one of the workmen would come sauntering up the side of the muddy path and tread on our little field mouse nest, without even noticing it but we would be safe and warm in another nest in the dark damp wood

  6. Sally and Rosie wrote
    1 day, 13 hours ago
    The far side of the muddy path
    seemed so very far away.
    Little legs not long enough to cross.
    For in the middle they would sway.

    To reach the other side was vital
    but, how to do it,what's the way?
    Standing thinking hard about it
    Would he be there in time to play?.

    His friends would all be having fun
    Would he be the only missing one?.
    The far side of the muddy path
    was just too far, it can't be done.x

  7. MORE FAIRYLANDERS ... catching up with the prompts...

    Karen and Karina wrote
    5 hours, 59 minutes ago
    1 hour, 57 minutes ago
    The Far Side Of A Muddy Path,
    Always looks a mile away;
    My legs are short and not very strong,
    Maybe right here's where I'd better stay.

    If I jump I'll be muddy for sure,
    Lord knows I'll be needing a bath;
    And after I jump- if I turn and look back,
    I'll still be On The Far Side Of A Muddy Path.

    Di and Gossamer wrote
    7 hours, 6 minutes ago
    The far side of a muddy path
    And a dragon sits contemplating his bath
    And looking back at the mud and me
    asked “Which is more fun, clean or dirty?”

  8. We have got to get these fairylanders blogging. They are soooo good.
    You should be proud of how you have inspired so many people JL.

  9. yes they should be blogging,but I will tell one and all this prose writer is green with envy with the talent you writers of potery can do.