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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today's Prompt is try something new !

Today on OSP @ they are asking us to try a form we have never done, and just like that we went over to our friend Penny's blog where she posted a form that we had not seen... here is the just of it ...

Dectina Refrain. The form is a syllable count of 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 and then a repeat of lines 1 - 4 to stress the point made there. It was invented by Catherine Mackie. It is a bit like an inverted nonet with a twist... OURS IS...

I were
a poet
of gentle words
would you think of them,
repeating them often,
would they harness a thought,
evoke emotions so deep,
leave you breathless or longing too,
the things I would love to write for you

If I were a poet of gentle words

Hope that is correct Penny... you know how we love to do you proud!

Now for today's attempt at the Acrostic ... Thanks to A/O @ for the inspiration in this ...  We are trying ...
Prompt 3: Phrase or Slang (PS) - KISS AND TELL   ... OURS IS...
Knowing the moment is near
Impossibilities dance with fear
Soothing are the words that I hear
Seductively whispered in my ear

Another step closer I'm breathless
Nervously feeling your caresses
Diving deep into you I'm helpless

Tonight we say our goodbye
Eyes burning with tears that I cry
Loneliness and heart break underlie
Leaving us longing for time to go by

Dedicated to our military families, having to say goodbye, separating for months at a time, waiting for the return of their loved ones !


  1. It is a new form to me so I hesitate to judge but I think you got it spot on!
    You always make me proud JL.
    Proud I can call you a friend.

  2. I will be working on the top one a bit later. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Though I did do the later on prompt 3.
    Thank you JL for always coming by and your kind words.
    Not sure I did prompt three right but Im just having fun so anyways. I will give the other a shot later today.
    I like both your poems today. I think if is awesome!

  3. gentle words...maybe some days....but most days its in your face...smiles.

  4. You always do a great job, no matter what form it is. I love it!

  5. Both poems are so beautiful and heartfelt. I can feel the heart and soul in this. Wonderful writing!

  6. Lovely poems! The first one is especially enchanting!

  7. both were really great reads...the first though had a flow that i really enjoyed..thanks for taking part..pete

  8. I've never seen a dectina before. Cool form, nice job.

    By the way, for anyone who wants to try writing a limerick, I've just posted a new limerick, which also serves as a Limerick-Off prompt and limerick writing competition. I hope some of you will join in! Guileless Limerick (Limerick-Off Monday)

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  10. wow this Dectina Refrain is beautiful I need to try it!is there any kind of link to the creator? Yours is wonderful!