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Monday, May 30, 2011

Multi-Prompt Monday

Today is Multi-Prompt Monday here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into one or two poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wonderful sites. You will enjoy each of them, make sure you link yours in and read as many as you can, they are really worth the time !
Today's prompts ...

Here at Dodge Writes we prompt you with FINISH THIS LINE...  YOUR SMILE WARMS ME LIKE THE HOT SUMMER SUN... The rules are you must use this as the first line in your write, you may do yours in prose or any form of poetry.

Monday's Child @  is taking a break over the Memorial holiday and will resume June 6th, we will miss the prompt, but know bkm will have a grand time. 

Monday Memories # 19 Josie asks us to write 'What special memories do you have of summertime?'

Today at One Stop Poetry @ The wonderful Gay Cannon is back with lessons on the Ottava Rima. Gay is much better suited to explain, so please go to OSP for the lesson... In the mean time here is the short and sweet version...
The classic rhyme scheme in English of ottava rima is a stanza which consists of eight iambic lines, usually written in iambic pentameter. Each stanza consists of three alternate rhymes and one double rhyme, following the a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c pattern.



Your smile warms me like the hot summer sun
filling my senses deep into my soul
reminding me of days when we had fun
dancing and singing to old rock and roll
We'd swim in the sea, the moon we'd outrun
through the starry nights we'd take a long stroll
Our days of old where our love started then
Your smile so warm takes me there again

Wow done in one today !!
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  1. Hello Too late tonight for me to write
    Be back tomorrow. XXX Pam

  2. Hello Dodge! I'm always pleased to come to your site and your always so joyous and enthusiastic about writing and in what you have to say. Today I saw only two things. The writers executed interesting poems perfectly or they got the rhyme schemes correct but not the rhythm. I wish I could say yours was the first, but I must tell you it falls into the second. I think with many forms where there's a bit of wiggle room counting syllables works just fine as it did on Luke's Octains. However, this form really does require the feet to be heavily stressed on the last beat of each foot (for iambs the second syllable and for anapests the third). This means there must be a light stress on the first syllable (which may be a word) of the foot. I went looking for help and here's what the inimitable Stephen Fry had to say:

    He explains that the iambic pentameter rhythm is simply the normal rhythm of standard English sentences. He uses the example

    "he BEATS a DRUM and MAKES a DREADful NOISE" (5 unstressed/stressed beats) =penta
    So try some work with lines to hear how simple sentences use this rhythm. Say the sentences aloud, hearing will help produce a sentence that conforms. I hope this helps.
    Thank you so much. Gay

  3. Great write as usual, not one single thing wrong with it... love it you go girl..

  4. I loved the upbeat mood of your poem JL - such a happy feeling to reminisce about the good times...

  5. This poem brought back some memories. Thanks!

  6. Wonderful! Full of the pleasure of summertime memories shared and love growing. You painted a beautiful picture with your words, it made me smile!

  7. Love your writing JL. You are so encouraging and love your prompts.
    Love the Summertime.
    Makes me happy and smile with warm memories of my more youthful days.