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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Tales of Tuesday just popped in my head one day. I have been trying to come up with a new prompt that we all can do every Tuesday to go along with the name and I'd like to run it past you... The idea is to have a day when we write prose, what is happening in our day or stories of old, or prompt imaginary stories. Hope you all join in too...

Today we are writing about roller skates. OURS IS...

I guess I was eight or nine when I got my first pair of roller skates. Mom bought them for me at the Salvation Army store. I never had a pair before that, but mom thought  I should have them. I learned to stand on them without killing myself, a miracle in itself considering we rode them on asphalt without helmets or pads.

When I got a bit older Mom allowed my sister Julie and me to go to the roller rinks. I still wasn't very good but the smooth surface of the rink made it feel easier for me to skate. I was never so happy than when I was out skating, the music, the lights, the boys... tee hee hee... and I got to be some where besides home ! Fun for any kid.

I was the biggest klutz around I guess, because I never got the hang of skating backwards, but man I loved to go fast ! My knees were always scraped or bruised from falling.  I don't know why I stopped , but I do remember the love of it. 



  1. I love this. I never did learn to skate, wish I could have though. But I made up for it with an old bicycle.

    I remember the sound of the skates
    Metal clanking, leather straps
    The special key,used to squeeze the foot just right
    Worn around the neck, swinging as I glided down the sidewalk
    Magical afternoons, until the inevitable fall
    Hopefully, my throbbing knees not too far from home,
    No, you can't wear your sandals to skate, she said,
    But , of course you can, if you are willing
    To twist an ankle, scrap a toe,
    Laugh when it hurts.

  3. There are folks who find roller skates nice.
    I tried them myself once or twice.
    Did not like them at all
    Cuz I felt like I'd fall.
    I was skating on very thin ice.
    Mad Kane

  4. sounds just like you JL.Never still,always on the move.Great story by the way.Loved it.

  5. WHY,O,Why did you add the playlist to your blog?Love the blog can't stand hearing the playlist when I am trying to read what you have written.You do know that I love you lady.a friend always.but at times.......LOL

  6. I'm with Richard. The music is very annoying. I never remember to mute my speakers in time.
    Mad Kane