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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Tales of Tuesday just popped in my head one day.  The idea is to have a day when we write prose, what is happening in our day or stories of old, or prompt imaginary stories. Hope you all join in too...

Today we are writing about music...OURS IS...

Sometimes I feel like I fell out of the womb singing. Music has been a very big part of my life for as long as I can remember, giving way to many of the reasons I have the need to write poetry. Every day I wake to a song in my head, this morning's song is Love is Alive by The Judd's, and it stays with me all day long.

There are many times that, when hearing a song for the first time, I can sing the chorus along with the singer and remember it the next time I hear it. I guess it is just in my blood.

When I was very young I talked my Mom into buying me my first guitar and I learned to love music even more. I got a few free lessons too which were very eye-opening, for my young hands didn't seem to have what it took it master my new friend the guitar. I'm not sure why the lessons ended, but I do remember my guitar being used as a weapon against me when Mom went into one of her rages... the guitar didn't make it. I was devastated ! I truly felt like Mom took away my best friend and it took years for me to pick up another one.  So instead I wrote, in secret, so that no one could hurt me with my poems. It was my Grand that saw me writing one day, on her back patio in my little note book, she waited until I came back into the house and asked me to share it with her.  I remember not wanting to, but she put all my fears aside with praise and helped me grow into a better writer.

Years later I signed up to be in the school band, hoping that I could be one of the guitarists, little did I know they didn't have a guitar section in our school, so I was chosen to play the trumpet. It was wonderful ! I LOVED IT !! Playing the scales everyday was so much fun for me, learning the school song, playing with the others in the band, made me come alive musically in that year. At least I thought I was good, but alas, I wasn't, the trumpet wasn't the best instrument for me, and I was cut from the band.

So again I went into a writing phase, many more years went by and I found myself in Yuma Arizona, married to a man that was a cheater and very abusive, so I ran from him and moved to Phoenix, with a new job and a new dime store guitar. I wrote a lot of poems then too, but this time I also wrote my own music to them, with the help of one of my co-workers. It was as if I found myself again, the songs I wrote flowed easily and I learned much from my co-worker who played everyday with me and helped me in ways that I still have with me today.  The tragic part of this is that my husband came for me and convienced me to go back to Yuma with him. My heart melted that he looked for and found me, and he seemed to really have changed. Yeah right !  That only lasted for a few months, which ended in him burning everything I owned, including all my writings and my beloved guitar. Needless to say I was once again heartbroken, it took me many years and countless tears to get over that, but all of those days are behind me now.

A few months ago, I found a guitar at a yard sale, not much to look at, but I thought it was worth the 15 dollars they were asking for it, so I bought it. It was like heaven to me to pick and strum again. Playing the few cords I know and the one song I remember most of the cords to (  Lonely people by America ) I was the happiest girl around, I had a guitar again. I found a web site that I can re-learn all that I have forgotten and play as much as I can everyday. Now I can play Leaving on a jet plane, and I'm learning to change cords smoothly, something I have a hard time with since I have two metal braces and all those pens in my arm. It's like I never played before, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My fingers are numb, my strumming is off and I feel like I am not worthy at times, but then I realize how much I truly enjoy the whole process. 

Now here is the stunning part... We have a neighbor who is by all rights a real guitar man. His name is Mark. He has been playing guitar since he was a very young man and has more knowledge than I can wrap my head around.  I was so happy at my 15 dollar guitar and showed it off like it was the sh*t... That is when Mark went into action. He secretly found a mission that he was headlong into for the next few months, and a few days ago he walked up with the most beautiful guitar and gave it to me.  With tears streaming I picked her up for the first time and played... (here I am crying again... tee hee hee...) What a beauty ! What a wonderful gift ! Mark told me all he wanted is for me to have a guitar that I will have for the rest of my life, he said the better the guitar the easier it is to learn, man is he ever right ! The music I play on her is like nothing I have ever played before, only making me long to play more.

Of course I can not thank Mark enough, but he wont hear it, he just wanted little sister to have the best... Bless his heart !  So here is my new girl, she is a Yamaha FD02 Green label, from the 70's, in mint condition !

And now the muse is calling....



  1. I love the idea of Tales of Tuesday, and I will definitely be a regular participant. I've added it to my "Great Places to Share and Be Inspired" list on my sidebar too!

    This tale brought tears to my eyes for many reasons, for in many ways your story is so similar to mine. You've probably read most of that in my blog... people in the past who have attempted to steal our hearts and souls, leaving us bruised and broken, but somehow we find the way to put the pieces back together and live again! You are a survivor and this is a tale of victory and joy!

    How wonderful to have been given such a lovely guitar to play the music in your heart on. And to those people in your past, I can only say that we will thank them for giving you the strength and direction to write so beautifully, as it became your solace at the darkest times. It is a pleasure to read what you share with us, and I am certain your music must be much the same.

    Long ago, in childhood years I took piano lessons. I didn't care much for the lessons, public recitals or endless practice, but I loved the ability to pour out my inner sorrows at the keyboard, as I often would late at night. Years after I left home, I returned for a visit, a box of my old favorite sheet music in tow, to discover that my parents had given their piano to my niece without telling me. I was heartbroken, and haven't played a piano since.

    Recently my husband gave me a really nice Yamaha keyboard. I've dug out the old box of tattered but beloved sheet music, and just ordered a "learning to play" book. Soon I will sit down to discover what memories of playing piano remain in my rusty brain. Your tale has given me the motivation to relearn what is necessary to make music a part of my life once again. Thank You!!

  2. Sorry for getting so long-winded with that comment. Your post really moved me! Just wanted to let you know that Monday Memories and Write A Letter Wednesday have also returned by request of fellow-bloggers. :-)

  3. This really moved me too,JL. I'm so sorry for what you went through, but like you said sometimes it makes us even more stronger.The first thing I noticed about you is the fact that we are so much a like in the way we see things. I've had some rough times in my life but managed to bounce back. I wish I could hear you play that guitar. My son plays but I can't get him to much, but he stays so busy. My nephew plays and he and I get together and sang a lot. Like you I love to sing. I always wanted to play a guitar but never took the time to learn. I want you to know that I enjoy your posts, especially on Tuesdays and look forward to them You are so talented and gifted. I'm so happy your friend gave you that guitar and maybe some day I'll get to hear you. I'm honored to have you as a friend... Susie

  4. I have had one guitar or another since I was 14. It is amazing how I can remember songs that I learned when I was young. They make me feel youthful. I love to sing and play but I have always been shy about performing. I think I have a pretty voice but I get stage fright when I am on the stage alone. I have also written songs ( as you know). I wish we could play together. I'm so pleased you have your new guitar to play--I am sure it will make all the difference!!

  5. Great story,not satisfied with being great with poetry,now you show off your fantastic writing skill in prose. You are truly amazing there lady.

  6. Words just cannot express th joy this piece has given me. I love that you have such a wonderufl friend that has blessed you with music to play all day and that you write. Im so grateful you have never stopped. writing and now you have your friend the guitar to sing along with your beautiful words you write.
    I can neither sing nor play an instrument and this maybe a good thing. Though i hear that my voice makes a joyful noise unto the Lord.
    I do love to write and I love to preform on stage. When I started bloggin I realized how much I had missed writing. Im so grateful I came across your blog and friendship. I have been blessed with you and others through your amazing writing. Thank you for sharing a piece of you.
    So proud to call you friend

  7. Music must be in the air -- but then, it always is. As I just wrote on the weekend about my musical roots.

    Love this story. And your guitar. At the homeless shelter where I work, we have a client who has started a 'guitar hospital'. give me your tired and wounded, he says, and I will guide them to sweet music.

    PS -- I found you through Josie at Two Shoes. I'm so glad I did!

  8. JL, I cant tell how moving your story is for me and obvious many others. It so important not to let our painful past influence or should I say dictate our future. So glad you continued to write my friend...

  9. Oh My Gosh!, I just had to let you know that my word scramble for posting my comment was "fairi"...we were meant to meet Jl, this I know for sure ❥

  10. Great idea! Can't wait to see more Tales! :)