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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Todays Prompt is USE THIS LINE...

The rules are you must use this line as it is given, in prose or poetry, anywhere in your write... Today's line is ... HOME IS WHERE THEY LOVE YOU...

A child grows to know love
from the love they are shown
and in an ideal life of love
it starts within their home

I am one of the few though
that lived in a home of fear
love longed for in our home
at times was not so clear

Then came a time of hurt
the strikes that went too far
and being taken to a place
where broken children are

I thought the end had come
for I was placed in lock-down
and the terror I got away from
was replaced by a new one found

Questions went unanswered
and trials were a daily task
how could my family hate me so...
what did I do, I'd often ask...

It was twenty-odd years later
when I went back home again
looking for some answers
that went unanswered then

'Home is where they love you'
I shouted to their face
'We loved you the best we could,
you're the one who left this place'

That's true in every since of the words
for that is how they were raised
love to them was fists and belts
they would go to jail these days

I knew that it was wrong
even at those tender years
home is where they love you
not a place of daily fears

So the best we could do is relearn
how to love through the hurt caused
for home is where you love them too
though that love at times was paused

Although the hurt comes back in ways
that leave me wondering what to do
this child still has the heart to believe
that home is where they love you.

Whew, sometimes it comes in floods I have no ability to hold...


  1. Oh what a beautiful, heartfelt poem. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad you are happy and can write about it. I agree home is where they love you.This one has really touched me.Thank youJL..

  2. JL, ❤ Some memories can be heartbreaking. It's so cathartic to write about our pain from the get it down on purge the thoughts that our mind holds us hostage with. So glad your doing so well now. And Yes! "HOME IS WHERE THEY LOVE YOU" I hope you know that you have more than one home now my friend. ❤

  3. An amazing piece... you have expressed deep meanings, deep pains, yet still... you are able to reflect upon and understand that beneath all the messed up actions, there too lied love (given in a way not readily understood or accepted - as it should not be). Going back often opens old wounds that we can some times build bridges from.

  4. I totally understand. Same here. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. Extremely touching and thought provoking.
    I think this piece should be shared with those who cme from this kind of volience to see there is a hope and that there is healing. Thank you for sharing your pain with us so elgantly.

  6. Arrgh! It looks like once again the comment I left the other night didn't post. I'm having all kinds of trouble with that lately. It's so frustrating! This poem moved me deeply. A child's memories of home shouldn't be like this, but sadly for far too many they are. I am thankful you are finding it healing to share with us here, home and family are indeed where we are loved, and no where is that more evident than in the blogsphere. I think that we appreciate the wonderful love we have in our lives now all the more because we know what it is like to live without it. Beautiful post JL!! I'm writing my response for this prompt now!