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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No Service...

When I was younger I spent time as a waitress, cashier, hostess, bartender and sales person. In each of these jobs I learned one thing held true... service is important ! Good service to my customers meant happy customers, good tips and return business, each a very important part of my income.

These days service, it seems, is more of a luxury than common place, as it was when I was in those fields of business. It's as though it seems a hassle for (some) in the service industry to actually give good customer service.
Take our Internet provide for instance, we have to have THE WORST ever ! He wont fix anything on the weekends (which is [no surprise] when it usually goes down.) If it is cloudy for a few days in a row ( winter ) our service in non existent. Yet this provider is paid each month, whether we get service or not.

Mind you, it is a perk here in the park, free wifi, but what kind of perk is it really if half of the time we get no service ? If it were up to me, I'd keep track of all the days we are without service, pro-rate it and see what they think of NO SERVICE...

Just another flusterated rant...thanks for reading...



  1. I hear you JL, same here. We get our internet, phone and TV through our Electric company. It's called Fiber Optic. so anyway here we are paying for three utilities in one bill and our electric bill separate all to the same place and if one's not out of service another is, but meanwhile here they are building a big new office building with the money they get for their service and what do we get, didaly squat.. Burns me up, they got us between a rock and a hard place, if it weren't for blogger and fb,and more importantly friends like you I'd cancel in a heartbeat..

  2. It is so flusterating to try to do a daily prompt when I dont have daily service, I never know if I will be able to dothe prompt or not ...ARGH !!!

    The biggest thing is since they give us th free wifi, we are not allowed to get another provider... no new dishes ae allowed in the park.... What ever !!
    Thanks for letting me rant...Tee hee hee

  3. Sounds like some things are the same the world over. Not that I am having a problem with my internet provider (although I do have issues with this "up tp 20 meg speeds" when they know they can't het that unless you live in the exchange.) I work in the customer service sector and it is a constant fight to get people to see that this actually will involve dealing with customer, preferable in a nice, helpful manner...