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Saturday, March 19, 2011


A New place to play... Celebrate Gratiteusday...
Last Tuesday's prompt was ...Things I Am Grateful For In Nature Prompt #3

I'm grateful for many of natures things
the birds, the bee's... well all creatures with wings
The way the wind whispers through pine trees
moon rise, sun set, they never displease...
the horse in the meadow, the fresh mountain stream,
the flowers showing off first signs of spring
the juice of an orange, the smell of a peach
the hummingbirds that fly just out of reach
You could say I'm grateful for all natures ways
Appreciating them all for all of my days

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  1. I just love this! You just keep on keeping on. I can't keep!

  2. I'm grateful for each day at dawning,
    The way dew sparkles in the morning,
    The gentle warming of the spring day
    The birds that sing in a cheerful way.

    I'm grateful for the the clouds in the sky,
    The patterns they form as they float by,
    The rain that they bring that waters ground
    And lets the colourful flowers abound.

    I grateful for setting sun's hues,
    Pink and orange painted on the blues,
    Sleepy birdsong filling the soft air,
    Fox and badger peeping from their lair.

    I grateful for the moon sailing above
    Symbol of the night, she beams her love,
    While stars twinkle merrily up high
    Watching the moths as they flutter by.

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  3. Thank you Susie !!

    Penny, I love this... It is perfect !