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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's Prompt is BOOK OF LOVE

Today we are going to try something I just came up with, seven days of love is the prompt. We will be doing a book of love. Here is how it goes...

Chapters                         Forms of poetry
1) Parents                     1) Tanka
2) Siblings                    2) 15 words or less
3) Spouse                     3) Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children                    4) Acrostic
5) Friends                     5) Flash 55
6) Pets                          6) English Sonnet
7) Self                           7) Free Verse

The rules are ...
Once you use a form you can not use it again, we are looking to have all seven forms used in the book.
Once you use a chapter you can not use it again, all the chapters must be used.
You may use any form with any chapter as long as you do not repeat them.

This is a book of love, so lets sweeten up and make it as syrupy as possible,

Bandit and I are doing ours in the order given for both the chapters and the form.
So our book of love looks like this

1) Parents   A Tanka poem
2) Siblings  15 words or less
3) Spouse   A Crapsey Cinquain
4) Children   An Acrostic Poem
5) Friends  in a Flash 55
6) Pets   An English Sonnet
7) Self    A Free Verse

A Tanka poem

For Mom

The love that you give
made me who I am today
Without you, who knows
What would have become of me
Your love made me beautiful



  1. OK I give up, just how does the poetry flow so easy,I have a hard time with prose. Amazing!By the way the poem is beautiful.

  2. You have a beautiful heart Richie, let it flow out in words

  3. My first ever Flash 55 (I hope!)

    Child to Parent

    In the beginning, dependence
    Followed by comfort then guidance.

    Discipline, learning, pride;
    Phasing into impatience, resentment, contempt,

    The sudden shock when
    Shared humanity replaces godlike infallibility.

    Mutual respect becomes growing warmth,
    Comradeship, trust and shared esteem.

    The heart-stopping realisation of mortality
    Duty and concern war with freedom

    Absence, grief, haunting flashes
    Triggered by family resemblances.

  4. WOW PENNY !!!
    Great write, did you put it on your new blog too?
    I thank you for doing our prompts, you do them so well !