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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's Prompt is FIRST AND LAST

Today we will do the line ...
I opened a secret passageway...
The rules are ...
You MUST use this as the first and last line in your write, as it is given.
You may write in prose or any form of poetry...

I opened a secret passageway
where the fairies play in the sun
and began to feel wings sprout
as my shrinking had begun

suddenly I was a fairy
in a place I feel free and loved
amongst the mythical creatures
It fit me like a glove

Laying in the yellow meadows
where the flowers grow so tall
or flying with winged unicorns
to a crystal clear waterfall

I knew I must be dreaming
like some Fairyland castaway
but in my mind I know
I opened a secret passageway

I know you all can do this much better than this...LOL
I must be tired still !


  1. I opened up a secret passageway
    Deep, deep down far within my own mind
    And I found an escape from the grey,
    Dull and dismal world of everyday,
    I felt that I had been so very blind.

    Deep inside my imagination
    I found a whole new world I can love
    Where words show a strong inclination
    To set up their very own nation
    With debates that fit them like a glove.

    Where numbers dance in their symmetry
    That grave stately waltz of proven fact
    Defining life using logics key
    And making forms for some poetry
    To party with the words and make a pact.

    I can escape with many a friend
    And happily spend all of my day
    With words and numbers in a fine blend.
    Yes, life is fun now that, in the end,
    I opened a secret passageway.

  2. very well done Penny !!!


    Sally and Rosie wrote
    58 minutes, 48 seconds ago
    I opened a secret passage way
    Not sure how I managed it,
    It looked so dark inside
    the space was small, would I fit?.

    What was it for, where did it go?.
    Inch by inch I moved ahead
    past spiders or something worse.
    How I wish I'd stayed in bed.

    The house you see was very old
    We bought it only yesterday.
    What a tale I'd have to tell when,
    I opened a secret passage way.x

    Karen and Karina wrote
    5 hours, 56 minutes ago
    I Opened A Secret Passageway
    That's hidden inside my mind;
    I make it a point when i go there,
    To leave any problems behind.

    It winds like a beautiful tapestry,
    Flaunting natures colorful bliss;
    And always a breeze blowing ever so softly,
    Like the touch of an angels kiss.

    The path becomes a kaleidoscope
    As I swirl with a smile on my face;
    And like Cinderella I totally change
    To a princess in satin and lace.

    For hours I sing and dance with delight,
    I talk to the birds while they sing;
    And suddenly know it's time to go back,
    When I hear the blue bells ring.

    Some call it my imagination,
    I call it a peaceful day;
    And I'm not ashamed to tell anyone,
    I Opened A Secret Passageway.

    Lin and Pereira wrote
    11 minutes, 36 seconds ago
    I opened a secret passageway not knowing where it might lead,
    Pondering: should I enter in, or just go on my way.
    The door opened wider, enticing and inviting-
    Over the threshold I step to view ahead what lay.

    Looking to the right and peering to the left,
    I cautiously continue, carefully placing each step.
    Noting all the beauty around me: the flora and the fauna, the creatures-
    no one has seen as yet!

    How blessed I AM to be offered this opportunity
    to be surrounded by such beauty! Let not this cause a rift
    Between all of human-kind, so ALL can experience that which may not be seen with our small eyes...
    I opened a secret passageway, can we appreciate the gift?!

  3. Well written and very descriptive,it takes one to the land of faries on glossmer wings.If you write like this when you are tired,stay tired.