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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into one or two  poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wondeful sites. You will enjoy each of them.

Starting with our sites here at Dodge Writes we are writing a story or poem between 25-50 words without using the letter 'S'.

On our other blog JL Dodge Writes we are on day 6 of the
NaPoWriMo: 30 NEW Writing Prompts for National Poetry Month 2011  and the letter E for A-Z blogging Challenge for the month of April. This is of course a shameless plug. We would really enjoy it if you have a look and join us in these challenges @

Again, We congraulate the team of One Stop Poetry for winning the SHORTY AWARD, Pete Marshall is hosting today.  Following the excitement of last week, things have settled down in the One Stop offices, hangovers have gone and life has returned to normal…..This week therefore is simply that, One Shot Wednesday and about enjoying the creativity of all you out there who take the time to be part of this, we hope you will join us there @  

And this is week #41 at the Poets Rally @ join in and be read !!

Three word Wesneday @ offers these words...
Adamant; adjective: Refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind.
Fabricate; transitive verb: Invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent; construct or manufacture (especially an industrial product) from prepared components.
Peculiar; adjective: Strange or odd; unusual.
 This week at Write a letter Wednesday @ are asked to write a letter to encourage someone.
 This week at Gratituesday @ 
Lisa offers this wonderful picture prompt and asks us What are your thoughts on this prompt about Gratitude?

New to us here at Dooge Writes is Carry on Tuesday @  which is brought to you by Keiths Ramblings @ a very enjoyable place to read !This week is the beginning of a quote from W C Fields...If at first you don’t succeed....Use part or all of the above in your poem or prose.

Now you know why we call today WOW !!! And here we go... OURS ARE...

(a letter in poetry form for my nieces and nephew)

Words of wisdom may be lost on you
 they were in my young and tender years
but later in life some will ring true
so I'll whisper them in your ears

If at first you dont succeed,
don't think of it as failing
we all learn through trial and error
we mostly call it growing

Love may leave you broken hearted
but dont let it leave you jadded
some one will help you mend again
and that hurt will one day be faded

Keep family and friends close in life
and you'll never be truly alone
while sowing your young and tender oats
remember you can always come home

Moments in life will give you
added reasons for gratitude
those are the ones you may find
will brighten your attitude

Encourage the growth in others
and it will come back to you
Try to live outside the box
do things you wouldn't normally do

Listen to that voice inside of you
that knows of right and wrong
trouble is easy to get into
getting out of it can take long

Now take these thoughts, let them sink
in your young and tender ears
use what you can of any of them
throughout your many years

Much love, Your Auntie !

That takes care of Write a letter Wednesday, Gratituesday, and Carry on Tuesday and we will also post this as our One Shot Wednesdayand for the Poets Rally ... Whew...

Moving on to our prompt and the prompt from Three word Wesneday...
Peculiar, Fabricate, Adamant... here we go... OURS IS...


 It maybe a bit Peculiar
how I Fabricate a rock wall
for you will find , Adamant am I
 there will be no mortar at all...
when you need a retainer,
or a place for a plant tall,
a rocker am I , I have a plan
give me a phone call


We know this is an extra long post, and we are thankful to each of you who stuck through it , we hope you will give a look at each of the sites we joined today and the awesome writes you will find.
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  1. on our way to do the two others on JL Dodge Writes right now, so if it isnt up yet, please come back in a few... thank you so much for stopping in !
    ENJOY !

  2. Wow! I thought I was reasonably prolific. But you're amazing!
    Mad Kane

  3. Indeed! Busy, busy. Great works. : )

  4. Thank you both so much for comming over and getting through the whole write !!!

  5. liked your little verse of wisdom, and esp the rock wall...stack stone is the only way to go...looks beautiful...

  6. Very amazing each one of the pieces of poetry adn art work and the yeard work as well. My goodness you are truly a busy one. How do you keep you?
    Blessing to you!

  7. Your rock work is amazing! We've been working on rock walls off and on for the last year. I'm using concrete, except around the pond area which I'm still working on. Rock work will probably be on my A to Z Blogging Challenge under R.
    Very wise words in your poem.

  8. Hi Brian, thank you for stopping in and enjoying our post today, its always a pleasure to see you here...

    Beth... you are one to talk girl, you're one of the busiest bloggers I have had the pleasure to read. Thank you so much for making us one of your stops !

  9. Lovely letter poem full of words of wisdom.

  10. Wow is the word and it looks like the rocks are coming along fast.

  11. athursdayschild...Thank you , we would love to see your walls as well ! how big is your pond area ??

    pandamoniumcat ... Thank you so much ! wonderful to see you here !

    Susie, yep with each picture we take seems it's worth all the stress... we only have about 20 feet to go on the railroad ties.. then the rest is easypeasy !
    Always a delight to see you !!

  12. thoughtful..

    love the small verse on the sunset image, divine words.

    keep smiling.
    appreciated your contribution.

  13. Wonderful advice for the young. And maybe the not so young.

  14. Hey Jingle, thank you so much for stoping in and the lovely comments...always nice to see you !

  15. Hi teric,
    Awesome for you to join the rally, its nice to see you here !!

  16. Wow, you have all your hands full... A reminder for the young who kind of wavier when it comes to kinship and understanding them.. :)

  17. young and tender... just perfect.

  18. You have a great site here. And I love that cat, how it follows my cursor :)

  19. lovely words :)

  20. I think I could relate to that first verse :D My dad keeps repeating the same to me, JL ;) lol. Sound advice, well written in verse!

    Rally Week 41 - My Poetry

  21. I loved the letter very wise words shared!

  22. ..please visit poets who are here, but you did not reach initially, thanks, we call it return favors, part of the rule,
    bless your Friday.

  23. Lovely suggestions to the young ones- esp the confidence given here"while sowing your young and tender oats

    remember you can always come home"

  24. amazing work.. here is my rally poem... a dream she is... a kiss seals...

    Someone is Special

  25. Well said, well done! Full of moral and really came from someone mature enough to give pieces of advise! I may share this one to my kids...if you wouldn't mind...though I know deep in my heart I could also share them these gems of thoughts!