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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Tales of Tuesday just popped in my head one day. I have been trying to come up with a new prompt that we all can do every Tuesday to go along with the name and I'd like to run it past you... The idea is to have a day when we write prose, what is happening in our day or stories of old, or prompt imaginary stories. Hope you all join in too...

Today is Ghost stories...We all have them, that goosebump, hair standing, cold chill in the air time that is just too hard to explain... OURS IS...

We were just cleaning Grands house after a renter was evicted. They left the whole house in a dire need of repairs. The Yard was a complete mess too, so I was enlisted to help. It was really sad what these people did to my happy place. Grands yard was my safety net back in the day, tree's to climb, fruit to eat, grass to stain my knees on doing cartwheels and somersaults. Now it looked like no body lived there in years.

The inside of the house nearly broke my mom's heart when she and my Aunt Barbie finally got a look at it. They had to do a lot of remodeling just to get it back into shape so they could rent it again. Just in Grands tiny bathroom alone, mom and Barbie had to fork out five thousand dollars. It was awful what these renters did to the house, but after the repairs were made and the yard was all cleaned up, we all were pretty happy with the results.

The last day we were there mom and I were walking around the house, taking pictures and talking about all the memories Grands house held for us. Mom had an older camera, one that the film had to be taken in to get developed, and as we were in Grands bedroom Mom took the last pictures on the roll just as she was saying how she hoped Grand would see how much we truly cared, hoping she would like the color of paint we chose for her room. With tears in her eyes, Mom pointed the camera to the window where Grand laid her head for the last time and snapped the last picture.

We went to the Wal-mart and dropped off the film in the hour box and decided we would wait for the pictures while having lunch at the Denny's restaurant. During the lunch we had the best time talking of Grand, her garden, her love of bowling and the many others delightful things that made her so dear in our hearts. We laughed and cried and when lunch was through, we felt a deeper connection to one another, one that came from the love of my Grand, mom's mom. It was a wonderful time with my mom, one we never really had before, one that I believe was brought to us by Grand.

We left the Denny's and went back to Wal-mart to do a little shopping and pick up the pictures. As we left, Mom opened the photo envelope and looked through the pictures.
When she got to the last picture, she let out a cry that made me stop in my tracks. She started crying like I had only seen once, and that was when she found a box that contained my brothers things. I rushed to her to find out what was going on, she just stood there staring at one of the photos, shaking and crying, and as soon as I saw the picture I understood. Grand was watching all along. Here is the Photo...

A treasured true story mom and I hold dear.


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  1. OMG! No fair making me cry in the middle of the day! What a wonderful heartwarming story a Your Gran gave you the most precious of gifts...

  2. Mr Linky is still not up, so I'm posting my link here...

  3. I love this story. With pictures too! Now that is something that doesn't happen very often.

  4. Wow! I have had many experiences, unexplainable... but to capture on film, just Wow!