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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday)

Today is WOW.... ( Words of Wednesday) here at Dodge Writes, which means the blogs we follow are going to be crammed into two or more poems. If you are joining us today on this adventure please note it is not necessary for you to do these prompts this way, but we do hope you stop in at each of these wonderful sites. You will enjoy each of them

Today's Prompts are...

Here at Dodge Writes we are doing a diatelle which has a set syllable count and a set rhyme.

The syllable count is: 1-2-3-4-6-8-10-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1,
The rhyme patter is: abbcbccaccbcbba.
It is usually displayed centered.

Carry On Tuesday # 106  Your prompt for Tuesday May 24th This week, we have chorus from Joan Osbourne’s song ‘One of Us’. Take from it whichever line or lines you fancy!
What if god was one of us, Just a slob like one of us
Just a stranger on the bus, Trying to make his way home

Three word Wednesday @  This weeks words are...
Grin; verb: Smile broadly, especially in and unrestrained manner and with the mouth.

Jumble; noun: An untidy collection or pile of things; verb: Mixed up in a confused or untidy way.
Naked; adjective: (Of a person or part of the body) without clothing; (of a tree, plant or animal) without leave, hair, scales, etc.; exposed to harm, unprotected or vulnerable.

One Stop Poetry @ Hosted today by  Leslie Moon aka Moondustwriter  heard a number of poets were writing dark poetry this week so Go Dark if You Dare!!! Post your poem, read the others and get read !!  

LOL... is that enough ? Off we go.. OURS ARE...

Take flight
through the night
naked moon glow
with the stars in your sight
reach for heaven and you will know
all of the gifts there God waits to bestow
He will grin as He welcomes you in to your home
Then jumble your thoughts with all that you know
if God was one of us He'd show
how everything has light
see the moon glow
in the night
take flight


My mirrored self

And if I could, I'd lighten the day
so the darkness no longer enfolds you
a spark for you
alone there
deep within your secrets
warm in the knowledge that you are loved

and still I long to be shown
my mirrored self speaking to my soul
in native tongues my heart has not learned
trapped in a bruised world
grey from this side
blue in a black suite

and here I share more
For I have rode a similar air
one that blew me to the pieces, brought me close,
smiled as the light faded in leaps and bounds
then left me to return on my own
knowing that if I return, if I can return,
that the light will be changed
as I am

And the sounds of ever after
are calling me in clear and unblimished dreams
taunting me into a belief,  that there, is better than here,
and I listen more often now
allowing those thoughts to bring peace to me
knowing my faith will be broken
if I allow me to take myself there
yet it seems so clear of the haze
and I grasp for that clarity
letting go

And again I wake
wondering why I was too weak to go
what strength it takes to let the darkness stay
and keep the light at bay

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  1. great the off beat like of naked in the glow it makes it pop...and everything looks better in the moonlight...smiles.

  2. Great job! I'm impressed how you handled the three word Wednesday prompt. I'll make a note to give it a try next week.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Fantastic job with the prompt