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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today Is Mothers Day 2011

We are celebrating with all mothers far and wide, whether or not you have children of the human race, or are like me and a mother of a furry child,  we all have the heart full of emotions, pride and enjoyment for our kids !  Being a garden fanatic all of the plants in my garden too are my sweet babies... I love them so much that I have gained the nickname Mother Nature, an honor for me.

Today we are doing one of our favorite prompts... USE THIS LINE ... HERE WE LEAVE THE RUSHING ... You may use this line anywhere in your write, but it must be used as it is given,  prose or any form of poetry is welcome for this prompt (you too Richie !!!)  OURS IS ...


Hush now, rest your mind for awhile
here we leave the rushing
to the city life's

Close to me, my baby, grow strong
here we leave the rushing
to the rivers
and streams

Take time, my child, for life is short
so just leave the rushing
of growing old
to me

please child, slow, your growing fast,
now you are the rushing
wind at you feet

Grown, becoming a parent too
come back to where we still
leave the rushing

Now you understand, your child grows,
and you leave the rushing
to the city life's

Hoping for a slowing of life
where we leave the rushing
to the rivers
and streams

Today we once again pass on a very special award to one of our favorite blogging friends... Helena @ Memory Box Creations
Most of you know my friend Helena, a very from the heart writer that touches me deeply with her abilities. She has one beautiful blog too... So we pass this well deserved award on to her...


Helena, you inspire beauty in all you write and your lovely blog... WE LOVE YOU !!!
Thanks for being who you are and sharing yourself with a very grateful me !!
Starting this journey with you has been a highlight in my life....

Happy Mothers Day !!



  1. I love your poem JL> It is so beautiful.
    Yes Happy Mothers Day and many blessings.
    So glad you got teh music up and running. i hope I was some help.
    I will be linking up later with a poem.
    Congrats to Helena on her lovely award!

  2. I'm rushing to tell you how good your poem is. :)
    Mad Kane

  3. I love this poem it is so fitting and perfect for Mother's Day. I'm even more excited that you got your music started.. love, love it... Susie

  4. Thank you all we were hopeing it was fitting !!

    Also many thanks to both Susie and Beth... you helped loads !!! MAWH !!!

  5. smiles. it was very fitting JL...time moves way too fast...just like kids grow...

  6. Another Mothers Day will soon be a memory... Your kind words are welcoming after a day of mixed emotions. Thank you so much. Your poem is amazing, JL! We should all learn to leave the rushing behind and find the stillness...