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Friday, September 9, 2011

The wonders of a power outage...

At around 3:40 in the afternoon, as I was watching a re-run of Bones, our power went out. Living in an RV Park, it happens more often than you would think.

The first thing that usually happens is all the neighbors pop out of their units to see if it was just them or if everyone is affected. After that, those fortunate enough to have a generator, gas them up, so on hot days (like yesterday) they don't melt in the heat. Then they look to the news to see how long the power will be out.

We all heard that one thing no one likes to hear, it is wide spread, 1.4 million people affected, all of San Diego went dark.  The rumors started flying then... The first thing on peoples minds was terrorism... WHY?  Well I think it is because that is all they have been taking about for the past 10 years... My opinion, I know... but I digress...

Had to laugh at the way some people got their panties in a ruffle over the power outage... We actually heard a news person saying to be careful driving cuz its dark out side.... You think ? Guess I've lived in the mountains so long I forget the city people don't know what darkness is, what a flashlight is for or headlights... It seemed the more we heard on the radio the more we had to laugh... another news report said everyone was taking the outage really well, no one was panicking, except for one man.  Poor guy HAD to get to where he was going and no one understood... yea, ok...

But the way the news reporter was going on about it was really the point I was trying to make, it was as if they wanted people to panic, shoot !!! Give me a break people !!
I know it was bad for a lot of people, the hospitals were my first thought... But they have a back up plan... As I can gladly say, so do we.

Still the media seemed to be looking for the worst in people, reporters out to find what was going on with the outage gave reports that it would be a day to two days before we could expect the power to be restored, telling every one to use their emergency supplies until further notice...I thought, way to go, start a riot why dont you... but it wasn't at all like that... by 4am when I woke this morning, it was like it never happened... except for the aftermath reports...

Truly I think it was awesome how quickly it all returned back to normal. I commend all the workers who worked over night to restore the power, though this morning I felt sad for the person that is getting the blame... of course they have to blame someone, but how would you like to be that guy... 'UMMM hunny, you know the power outage that blacked out all of San Diego county ? Well we have to move...' So glad I'm not him... poor guy!

So here is what I am thankful for...

My wonderful husband, he is on top of everything !  All I had to do was feed him...tough life I know...

We live in a fully self contained fifth wheel, which means while others were melting in the heat, we still had the AC, fridge and stove very much in working order.

Candles, you just dont know how pretty they light up the yard till your electric goes out.

Batteries, for the radio, so you can learn what is goiig on, even if they are wrong.

Living as far from the city as we do... the power outage for us was like a camp night.

Great neighbors, you really dont know how thankful I am  that we live around such amazing people. 

And last night, after five years being married to her brother, my sister-in-law for the first time actually said she loves me... that made my night !! You rock Debbie !!

There is a whole list of other things but you get the picture... Loving life, even in the black out... Hope you made the best of it too, nest time, come on over, we'll pop some chicken on the grill and play some games. The power will eventually be restored, til then  why not enjoy the quite?


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  1. You go girl, you know how to find the good in things that other people can't see.. Which don't surprise me about you.. People get so wrapped up in their modern day life, that when something like this happens they go crazy. It's like that here. When the power goes off in my neck of the woods, they star calling like crazy wanting to know if mine's off too.. I keep a phone with a cord for just such emergencys. They start calling the power company and I know one man that's cussed them out before several times.. We didn't have any electricity until I was 11 or 12 .. used a kerosene lamp at night.. now people act like it's the end of the world. Like you I just get my candles out and when we had that blizzard in 1992, we were out for a week but had the best family time in the world..Life is just to easy for folks now days..