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My intent here is to write a poem from the prompt I give to you , the reader, in hopes that it will inspire something and get others to write with me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Today's Prompt is TANKA

Tanka consists of five units (often treated as separate lines when Romanized or translated) usually with the following pattern of onji:

The 5-7-5 is called the kami-no-ku ("upper phrase"), and the 7-7 is called the shimo-no-ku ("lower phrase"). Tanka is a much older form of Japanese poetry than haiku.
any way you feel it... OURS IS...

Winters grip is here
holding life in a freeze frame
icy waves of white
yet there in the midst, a sign
that spring is soon on her way

Tee Hee Hee
my plants are ready for spring !


  1. another great poem.Your knowledge of the various forms of poetry is impressive

  2. Grief, loss, missing you,
    No-one left now to greet me
    Welcoming me home.
    I miss you in the morning
    Right through to next days dawning.

  3. Look! Mouse hunting pose
    Crouched down low,poised for the pounce,
    Concentrated power.
    Eyes focused, tight attention,
    Coiled spring held in tension.

  4. Everyday a new prompt
    Challenging me to match you
    Inspiration here.
    Of course I'm really hoping
    You'll help me plan my garden!

  5. Tell me, friendly one,
    what zone is your garden fair ?
    so that I may help...
    are you snowed in or shining ?
    are daffodills blooming there ?