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Sunday, February 13, 2011

One Shoot Sunday

Accept the Picture Prompt Challenge! :)

by One Stop Poetry and the Sunday Photography Interview with Sean McCormick. This amazing photo and many others can be found over at his photography site Please go check out more poetry inspired at One Stop Poetry.

It was Eighteen hundred sixty nine
when they made their way to here
A pioneer man with a simple design
and his woman who had not a fear

Together they gathered every stone
working hard to fulfill their dream
building walls made to stand alone
with windows to show views serene

A Hundred forty two years have gone
since the love they shared was new
now all that remains are dreams forgone
and a stone wall with a window view



  1. Very good poem.. The kind I jump at when the inspiration hits.. Thanks for the view!

  2. Absolutely beyond description, I don't have the words.Beautiful,really doesn't due it justice.