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Monday, March 28, 2011

Today we are combining four prompts... The first two are through the blogs of One Stop Poetry and Mondays Child fair of face ... Link up your responses @  and

 Today's prompt from OneStop is  Rondels part II – Guest hosted by Samuel Peralta and Claudia Sch√∂nfeld... We thank you both for the lessons !!

Monday's Child has a picture prompt... which is this...
Illustration by Freddie Langeler 1920's


Valley of the fairies

In the valley of the fairies
 we always welcome one and all

We're just beyond the ivy wall
come and we will share our berries

We can feed yellow canaries
or listen to the hoot owl call

In the valley of the fairies
 we always welcome one and all

On soft winds our laughter carries
here times are fun for big and small

on quilted blankets we can sprawl
its not mundane, each day varies 

In the valley of the fairies
we always welcome one and all


Now for the second half...
In this Prompt we are combining our Dodge Writes Prompt with the Prompt from Monday can find them @
Today on MM You are welcome to write about a gift you've received, or about any memory that you'd like to share with us...
And here on Dodge Writes we are asking that you write a minute poem... 
Please note it is not a requirement that you do the prompts the way we did, we are just addicted to outdoing ourselves...LOL JUST HAVE FUN !!!



Granny was a talented one
she crocheted some
she had great flair
flowers to spare

Ceramics were her natural gift
gave her a lift
I admired
so inspired

A keepsake now from way back then
The time we'd spend
a gift to me
from my Granny

Well we did all of this with our daily migraine, hope it sounds as good to you all as it does to us...

Mr Linky awaits...


  1. OOO MAN, we really had a time posting these... thought we lost them twice, headache screaming !! Wow !
    sorry about the spacing and the spelling, We could not fix them for the life of us ! we are just happy it is all there !

  2. I cannot imagine trying to do creative writing, much less poetry in form, with a pounding migraine... you are to be commended not only for getting it done, but for such a great result! I love your ability to use poetic form to convey your story. It brought back memories of the wonderful quilts and craftwork my own grandma did, teaching us while she did. Thank you for sharing at Monday Memories!

  3. Awe Thank you Josie,
    we are not so sure we did the Rondel as well as it should be, but our Minute was fun, remembering our Granny' many talents !
    Thank you for Monday Memories, We really enjoy joining you there !

  4. Quite fey. Being Irish descent I loved it of course. You didn't mention all my stuff they've hid though! Your rondel form was perfect. You had 8 syllable lines as is called for and your meter varied with the subject. It was inviting and pleasing. Well done!

  5. Fabulously done! I struggled with the combination of Rondel for the Mondays Child prompt, yet yours seems to flow seemlessly. Very well done, and with a migraine tinted melody humming along... wow!

  6. The gift of time is precious indeed and when it comes from a Granny - all the more special. Wish I could turn a story into a poem like you do. This was a charming poem.

  7. Beautiful words..
    Although I loved the hooting part- I love owls..

    The one about your gramma was delectable! Wish I could pick a few keepsake..

    Hugs xoxxo

  8. I feel for you on the migraine front JL. I'm struggling too. This one has gone to my stomach so i can't keep the meds down either.
    You write brilliantly anyway.

  9. lovely....I felt like I was there.

  10. Sweet prose from an endearing picture. Feels like a happy community to belong to:)

    Second verse on memory of Granny did remind me of mine as well - short simple but speaks volumes.
    I like both of them:)

  11. Lovely work. Enjoyed the all are welcome theme.

  12. Love your rondel and can't believe you did that with a migraine! I'm a migraineur myself, so I know how difficult that must have been!

  13. dreamy, fairytale rondel prime you wrote - not exactly iambic but that's fine, doesn't have to be. rhymes and structure is flawless and you have it all written in tetrameter - nice one!

  14. I'm so impressed with the rondel!

  15. I love the wonderful Valley of the Fairies..puts me in that place immediately!