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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tales of Tuesday

Hey everyone !
It seems like every time I try to get on blogger these days my service is out ! Imagine my surprise today when I actually was able to get on ! So we are going to do a Tales of Tuesday with a prompt of our beloved animals.

Recently a very dear friend of ours lost her very precious fur child, Topaz. It racked my heart to know the suffering that Helena and her husband Bob are going through with the loss of Topaz and reminded me of how special our furkids really are to each of us.

When I was growing up in my moms house we had lots of animals, from horses to cats and each of them to this day still hold a piece of our hearts. The one I remember most though is our first pony Trixie.  We got her when I was six years old and we had her for twenty years !

When she first came to us she bucked and reared instead of trotting or running and my mom (all of five foot tall) rode that pony until she no longer bucked, so we could ride her safely.  We were so excited to have our first horse ! We rode her everyday, (and well into the dark) always taking the time to cool her down by walking her for a half hour afterwards.

Trixie was a great pony, though she had a few tricks up her sleeve, like running straight for the lowest limb on a tree to knock us off, then waiting right there for us to get back on. She was very well trained too and was the reason for all the trophies and ribbons won at the horse shows and parades we went to all over the county.

One of my favorite memories of my childhood is a parade in Alpine, when I was eight or so... Trixie was pulling our pony cart and I was in a cowgirl costume, mom and my sister Julie were in costume too riding lead. We were doing really great for the first part of the parade, and I guess I let the reins a bit too loose...

The crowds were getting larger in the middle of town and when they started clapping, Trixie was spooked and bolted like she was on fire ! I was so scared ! I kept trying to pull her in , but she wasn't easy for my little arms and I lost control of her. Mom and Julie caught us quick enough, and they were able to calm Trixie down enough to finish the parade, but I was one scared child ! I loved the way my mom took control of the whole situation, and she totally understood when I requested to ride the other horse and she finished the parade in the cart with Trixie.

Trixie had two colts while she was with us, Stardust and Chiquita. we still have Chiquita and she too has given us another baby, Bomber.  Three generations of love and memories all from way back in 1969 when a pony named Trixie changed all of our lives for the better.  We will always be grateful for the love she gave us.

Last year I wrote a poem for my mom about Trixie, she put it in a frame with a picture of me and Trixie in a horse show winning a trophy, one of my proud moments, hope you too will enjoy the poem...

 To learn to ride, we had a thirst
a Shetland pony, was our first
falling off was really the worst
her name was Trixie

Roan in color, white mane and tail
we rode her 'round the mountain trail
our love for her would never fail
her name was Trixie

She'd head right for the lowest limb
to get you off her back, and then,
wait 'til you got on again
her name was Trixie

Horse shows, parades, some ribbons won
the trip we took to the beach was fun,
riding our pony under the sun
her name was Trixie

Thinking of her brings back memories
some twenty-odd years in our family
she left us Chiquita, her legacy
her name was Trixie



  1. Wow JL, this is great. You are so right our fur animals are a part of the family and it breaks our heart to lose them. I'm so glad you still have a part of Trixie today. Glad you are able to get on blogger. I'm having trouble finding the time too. And when I do get the time can't get any inspiration to write.. You take care and thanks for posting this.. Susie

  2. ⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱⊱♥⊱♥⊱♥⊱
    JL, you are the sweetest to mention my Topaz...this is a very difficult time...spending fourteen years with her almost everyday leaves quite a void in our lives. She has left us with so many wonderful memories, which I will cherish. Your memory of Trixie made me smile, something I haven't been able to do these past few days...Thank you xoxoxox

  3. I really enjoyed this story! I can picture every detail! Also, kudos on the poem--you really structured it so well! I find it difficult to maintain a consistent rhyme scheme sometimes, mostly because I never really got the hang of following a pattern or formula, but rather have always attempted to keep a sort flowing rhythm in my head, which doesn't always work. Your poem was lovely!

    p.s. I'm so sorry for your loss, Helena. My family has also lost some beloved pets over the last few years, so I understand the difficulty.

  4. Excellent as usual my friend,always look forward to what you write.